July 16, 2014
by Jen

Training Update & keeping kids motivated

Just over 7 weeks to go until the Bird in Hand Half marathon!!!! I must say that I was super excited to see that this race has been awarded the top 10 in cool race medals by Runner’s World!!!!

The Coolest Race Medals


The way that they set this race up is super fun! The 5k, which my girls are doing, is the night before. Before the 5k they have a hot air balloon launch and then after they have a bonfire and s’mores party! Then the next day is the half marathon which also has a hot air balloon launch before it! I am really looking forward to this!!!

I have added some speed and hill workouts to my training. For this training cycle I am doing 1 stress workout (speed/hills), 1 long run, 3 in-between easy and hard (for me that is about 7:50-8) runs of about 6-8 miles, and 1 easy run (anywhere from 8:20-8:50). I am trying to run a chunk of my miles at closer to marathon pace and see how that works for me. I am doing this knowing that if I really feel like I need to slow up a day or two than I will and not stress out about it. I want to get my body comfortable going at that pace and see what happens. There are so many different plans and different approaches to training out there! Some say run less, some say run more, some say run slower, some say run at marathon pace, some take days off, some do not take days of….ect ect. I really think it is all about finding what works for you at any given time.

I have been doing my stress workout on Tues. Last Tues was hills, yesterday was mile repeats.

I was pretty pleased with how it went! I did a 2 mile warm up (8:03, 8:01) and then did 4 mile repeats on the roads with a 200m walk break in between. They were 6:25, 6:21, 6:31, and 6:32. It was pretty hot and humid out too. Ideally, I would like to turn that 200 walk break into a 400 jog….but I really just wanted to walk. My legs felt good…my breathing was a bit of a struggle…but the short walk break was all that I needed to catch my breath.


I just got a new iPhone (compliments of ebay) after having had my other one smashed. I decided to just get one on ebay and take a chance rather than shell out a ton of money because my plan is not up.

Note to self…if you let your kids play at the park after a run with them…don’t set your phone on your car! So far it seems great…but the camera has a hard time focusing…note the blurry picture above.

Back to running….today I did an 8 mile easier paced run with the last mile being the fastest.

This week is going to fly by! My parents are visiting for a few days so we have some fun things planned :) …then next week we are spending the week in IL to visit friends and attend a conference. Summer is officially flying by!!!!!

The kids training is also going great! We are taking it slowly, but surely :) . They are doing about a mile each time we go.

There are a lot of things you can do to help get your kids motivated to run or do any exercise for that matter. Kids are a lot like adults when it comes to running….they like to be motivated!

Here are a few things that you can do to help motivate your kids

1. Buy them something new for running such as:

socks, a Runningluv, a new water bottle, an outfit, a hat, a watch, new shoes…..all of these are great motivators!!!!

2. Sign them up for a race! Nothing motivates a kid more than the chance to earn a medal!

3. Make a chart. Kids love charts and putting stickers on them. They love feeling like they are accomplishing something…and really, who doesn’t!

4. Be the example. If they see you doing it…they will be more likely to want to. Kids follow what we do way more than what we say!

5.  Push them a little. My kids are not always excited when I say let’s go for a run, but they are almost always glad we did it! It is the same with me though. I do not always get up and have the attitude that I can’t wait to run..some days I just flat-out don’t want to do it….but those are days when the sense of accomplishing a run when I didn’t want to feels great!

6. Start small and build. Start with where they are pretty comfortable and keep building

7. Take a scenic route…..just enjoy being outside!!!!!

8. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just a few tips that I use that might help keep your kids inspired to move!!!


Do you have kids that like to run? How old are they? What do you do to keep them motivated?

What is the coolest race medal you have won?

July 8, 2014
by Jen

My first HILL workout & kids training update

I took a mini unplanned blogging break :) , but I am back! Summer is just busy and schedules are different! We have had a lot going on at church and I have been spending the extra time with the family or running. Late dinners and fun nights outside with the family have left almost no time for blogging in the evening….but hey, that is life! :)

Here are some summer swimming pictures :)




I am now 8 1/2 weeks away from my half marathon and 18 1/2 weeks away from my full. I have come up with my own training plan for both and am starting to incorporate hills into my training.

This also means the girls are 8 1/2 weeks away from their first 5k!!! They are super excited! I am doing a very basic plan for them and trying to make it really fun! They have done 2 training runs so far that were 3/4 of a mile running and 1/4 walking.

They want to get one of these to monitor activity…I am thinking about it. Does anyone have one, I would love feedback…


You know, there is a reason that I have never actually done a hill workout before….THEY ARE HARD!!!!!!!

I am not a big huge fan of hills so the thought of repeatedly going up and down them for miles sounds horrible…..but I did it, I survived, and it wasn’t that bad (after the fact).

I found this hill near my house…..it is big!



I did a 3 mile warm up followed by 6 hill repeats. I wanted to do 8, but it was pretty hard and it is my first hill workout so I went with 6. Then a 3 mile cool down. I ran up the hill about as fast as I could and that was an average of about a 7:30 pace and jogged really easy down it at about a 9:30 pace. I had to stop at the top a few times just to catch my breath!

I found this article on hill training:


I am not sure love is a word I will ever use to describe hill training, but I know it will only make me stronger and I love that :) !

Speaking of stronger, I also got a pass to a local gym so I can work on some strength training. I only got a 7 day pass for now and we’ll see how it goes. My husband and I went last night (yes, we are that crazy couple that does date nights at a gym and gives each other a marathon as an anniversary gift :) ). We did about 30 minutes of weight lifting and I am definitely feeling it in my arms and shoulders today!!!



And….this happened to my phone! It is amazing how accustomed we are to having a phone…. it is hard to go for only a few days without one! I have to just ask what people who buy these phones on ebay do with them?!!! So….I had some pictures on my phone that I was going to use in my post…but gonna have to wait :) !



We had some friends visit for  a few days and I tried out this recipe for making brown rice and I LOVED it!!!! This is definitely my new go to recipe for brown rice!


1 1/2 cups brown rice
2 1/3 cups water
2 teaspoons unsalted butter or vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Adjust oven rack to middle position.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Spread rice in an 8-inch square baking dish.

2.  Bring water and butter or oil to a boil, either in a saucepan or in the microwave.  Keep an eye on it and take it off heat immediately after it starts boiling.  Immediately stir in salt and pour water over rice in baking dish.  Cover baking dish tightly with 2 layers of foil, or heavy-duty foil.  Transfer baking dish to oven and bake rice until tender, about 1 hour.

3.  Remove baking dish from oven and uncover.  Fluff rice with fork, then cover dish with kitchen towel and let rice stand for 5 minutes.  uncover and let rice stand 5 minutes longer.  Serve immediately.


We also made these for dinner last night and they were easy and great…and super healthy!


All we did was:

cut up some zucchini, and a few different kinds of squash, cut up some strips of chicken, seasoned it all, wrapped it in tin foil and grilled it for about 20 minutes and ….done!

This is now another easy go-to summer meal for us!

So, it has been awhile ….how is your summer going?

How is your training going?

Any favorite summer recipes for Squash and zucchini?



June 26, 2014
by Jen

Birthday Salad & 3 F’s

Yes, I officially have the best husband!!!! He went to Wildfire and got us my favorite chop salad for dinner for my birthday! I am now officially 34 years old…where has the time gone!

When we moved to Iowa from Chicago, we moved away from the restaurant that has my absolute favorite salad. Then when we moved to MD I discovered there was a Wildfire not too far from DC, where my husband has meetings sometimes….like today! I am actually not a huge salad eater…but this salad is amazing!!!! Whenever I visit friends in Chicago we always go for this salad at Wildfire :) …YUM!


Then there was this present from my sweet girls :)


And my parents are making sure I am properly hydrated by sending me this cool gift!!!!



Yesterday we have Strawberry Fest night at our church. I have never seen so many ways to make strawberries unhealthy :) ….but it sure was good! The best part hands down was the chocolate fountain!


I made a strawberry pizza…Yum!



Now that we have had a food fix, let’s talk about running. The last two weeks I have really just worked on 2 things. Focus and finishing fast….3 F’s :)

One thing I have been wanting to work on is my focus, my mental game. Focusing on the mile that I am in and not thinking about the whole run. I have a tendency, even in training, to go out fast worrying about my overall pace for that run. I want to instead take it a mile at a time, the 1st mile of a training run should not be one of my faster miles!!!

I have also ended every run I have done for the last two weeks with the last mile being the fastest. This is almost always not the case for me, but something that I think will really help come race day!

These are 2 things that I want to continue to work on throughout this training cycle.


What is your favorite fruit? Anyone else love chocolate fountains?

What is something you are working on this training cycle?

When is your birthday?

June 24, 2014
by Jen

Running non-necessities that are necessities and money saving tips!!!

Happy Tuesday…by the way, where is June going!!!! This month is flying by!!!!

I want to start out by thanking Carly at Fit Fine Day for featuring me on Fit Mama Friday!!! You can find the link HERE

Doing this feature gave me the idea for today’s post. It reminded me of all the “non-necessities” of running that now I consider necessities.


It is kinda like when you try to remember what in the world you ever did before you had a GPS for you car!!!!

I also wanted to throw in some money saving tips for these items too because we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and it is always nice to save some money :) !

#1. Nice shoes! This ranks #1 in importance too. Sure, you can run on cheap shoes that you get at Kohl’s and I did that for years, but you are WAY better off going to a running store and being fitted for the right type of shoe.  The shoes that you find at Kohl’s are not the same as the ones you will find in a running store and they are less expensive for a reason. You will always find someone who can also get away with wearing their running shoes for years, till they have holes, running them totally into the ground….but that is not most people and I would definitely not recommend trying it!

MONEY SAVING TIP- Find out what your right shoe is and then check Running Warehouse or Road Runner Sports for a deal. Sometimes you can get a good deal at your local running store and some stores offer a discount when you bring in old shoes! Once you find your shoe, you can also buy several pairs when they come out with the next model and go on sale. For example, my Saucony Guide 6′s are $65 right now at Running Warehouse because they just came out with the 7…stock up time!!!!


#2. The right clothes. Right now that means light weight and colored, wicking running tops. Remeber all those cotton t’s that we all used to run in…don’t :) ! Technical fabrics pull moisture away from your body, keeping you cooler. Avoid clothes that are 100 percent cotton. Cotton fabrics absorbs sweat, which weighs down the clothing and can cause chafing. Dark colors also absorb the suns heat and will cause you to overheat much faster!

MONEY SAVING TIP- You don’t have to buy brand name…look at Kohl’s, or a store like TJ Maxx. Another great place to find these is ebay! You can find like new nice running tops for a fraction of the price. Another thing I do is buy ahead. At the end of a season when stuff gets drastically marked down, I buy a few things for next season. I just bought some really nice winter things for a fraction of the original price!!! I actually got a lot of my favorite Saucony tops at the end of the season last year for $8-$10!!!! I don’t dry my running tops so they will last longer.


#3. Socks! This ranks right up there with shoes. Remember those thick cotton Nike socks we all had…no more! They make some awesome running socks out there that your feet will love! My favorites are Feetures and PRO Compression

MONEY SAVING TIP- There is no real money-saving tip here…you may just have to bite the bullet and drop $10 on a pair of socks :/. I always find a coupon code for 40% off for PRO Compression and Feetures will run sales sometimes where you get a free pair of socks. I also will ask for them as a gift…birthday, Christmas ect :) .


#4. Garmin!!!! I love my Garmin, don’t know what I did without it! Even if you are not that concerned about pace it is great for knowing distance.

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

MONEY SAVING TIP- These are a bit pricey, but worth it to me! Look for just what you need on it to save some money….you can drop A LOT of money on one of the more complex models! They do make a basic simple Garmin (the Garmin 10) that will meet the needs of a lot of runners. You can also get models that include heart rate monitors…it all just depends on what you are looking for. You could take a chance and look on ebay for this…definitely check sellers feedback and know the risk. They also have online runner’s swap shops where you could probably find one. This is another good gift idea :) .

#5. Sunglasses- I actually use mine in the summer and winter!..snow is bright and causes a glare :) . These don’t have to be super expensive but make sure they are for athletics and are lightweight. You also want to make sure they block out 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. It is probably best to try a pair on before you buy them to make sure they fit your face right.

MONEY SAVING TIP- A lot of expos will run deals on sunglasses. You can look on Ebay but I suggest having tried them on somewhere first to make sure it is something that fits you. Running Warehouse and Road Runner Sports also offer great deals.

#6…Female only one…..A good sports bra! It is all about comfort and you just have to find what you like. My favorites are Nike Pro bra and Oiselle strappy bra.

MONEY SAVING TIP- If you find one you like and it goes on clearance, stock up! I bought a lot of my Nike ones when they were getting new designs in and mine went on sale. Don’t dry them!!!! This will make them last quite a bit longer!!! I have quite a few of them, but mine have lasted for a long time and still are in excellent shape!!!


To me, these are the most important things. If you are new to running and just getting started, these are the things I would start with!


Here are a few other things that are nice to have right now

NICE-TO-HAVE STUFF…some summer specific

1. Nathan hand-held water bottle. I have one, but rarely use it. I hate carrying things when I run, but with the heat this is a necessity for a lot of runners. If it gets really hot I will I think this is the best way to carry water. I have also set drinks in places I will pass by ahead of time so I don’t have to carry a water bottle.

2. Runningluv. I love these!!!! They are perfect for keeping sweat out of my eyes and affordable. They hold up and wash well and the owners of this company are just super nice people too!!!!

3. VegaSport Recovery Accelerator and Nuun. I have been trying to pay attention to my recovery, and these have both been very beneficial in that area… although I would not consider them necessary. I run around 45-55 miles on an average week and the Vega has been great for my muscles and the Nuun great for hydration and electrolyte balance.


4. Ipod- this totally depends on the person. Some people can’t run without music, others can’t stand running with music! I fall somewhere in the middle :) . Sometimes I like to have it and other times I don’t. I will also do audiobooks and podcasts. Sometimes, if I am really not in the mood to run, but have a long run on schedule a good audiobook is all I need to get me out the door…..and once I get started I am good :) .

5. SPIBelt – I also do not like thing around my waist so I only use this for races…. actually only marathons. I want to forget it is there and this brand worked the best for me.


What are some of your favorite running must-haves :)

Anyone else think summer is flying by WAY too fast?!

June 19, 2014
by Jen

Training Update, a So Close to Perfect Tempo & My Hip Attachment

I love summer! Summer is crawling into bed happily exhausted at night because you spent the whole day outside. For us, that crawl into bed time seems to be happening around midnight, which is making the early morning runs nearly impossible. Although I have been planning to be out there by 6:30-7…it has just not happened. It is more like 8-8:30…oh well!

I have taken the last couple of weeks to just run for fun. Basically to build up my miles a little and adjust to the heat and just run at whatever pace my body felt like going. It has been about 8 miles every day and the pace has varied a little. Last Friday I decided last-minute I wanted to turn that run into a tempo. I was feeling really good and it was one of my best tempos that I have run.

It was 8 miles:

mile 1: 8:21

mile 2: 8:15

mile 3: 7:55

mile 4: 7:54

mile 5: 7:51

mile 6: 7:59

mile 7: 7:39

mile 8: 6:57

Just 1 mile that wasn’t a negative split!!!!!

Today I did 8 easyish miles and threw in a fast finish last mile at a 7:18 pace.


I also have a new hip attachment! I have been noticing a few signs that I am just not drinking enough (aside from the fact that I just know by how much I am drinking that it is not enough). These hot days have been very sweaty runs and I have been finishing them feeling good, but very, very thirsty. So this cute little water bottle will be going with me wherever I go :) .


I am just starting to look at the calendar to start working on a training plan for my upcoming races!!!!! I am doing the Bird in Hand Half Marathon in PA on Sept 6th (11 weeks away), so that is my next training cycle.  Then the Richmond Marathon on Nov 15th (21 weeks away). I am pretty sure (as long as he can get through his injury) that my husband is doing both of these with me too! My kids are going to do their first 5k the night before the 1/2.

The runner in me wants to try to up my mileage a little for the marathon training. I know I have to be careful with this though because my body seems to not like when I get past the mid 50′s. I have also read a few articles recently (one in particular) about cross training that makes me want to try spinning.

This week we have had Vacation Bible School at our church and it has been a blast! We have had a bunch of kids and they all seem to be having a great time…who wouldn’t with kickball, tug of war and potato sack races :) ! It is definitely making this week just fly by! We have one more night of it tonight and then on Friday night we are doing a big cookout and awards ceremony :) !

Courtney having some fun at VBS….

DSC_0004    DSC_0025

My husband even dressed the part as he talked about how the Bible has impacted our country and how some great leaders have relied on God.


And just for fun, a picture of summer of favorite summer goodies :) ….we have been going through fruit like crazy!!!! Something about warm weather + fruit = a perfect combo!!!!!!



Tell me something good about your week?

When is your next race?

Do you like to cross train and if yes what is your favorite way?….I really want to know your answer to this :) !

June 15, 2014
by Jen

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…plus they are just fun to look at



DSC_0773                                    DSC_0772


DSC_0781                                                                            DSC_0778














Dear Dad: We want to thank you for being the very best dad out there! For being such a good example for us. For teaching us to be faithful. For teaching us about God and showing us how to put him first. For teaching us to be hard working and loving. For playing basketball and soccer with us. For reading to us and playing board games with us. For taking us fishing and for boat rides and on walks. For encouraging us and guiding us.

Thank you for all the time that you spend with us, the example you are for us, and all the love that you show us. We love you to the moon and back :)

Love, Alyssa and Courtney

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Father’s Day and I want to wish my dad a very Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being such a wonderful Dad!!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

June 10, 2014
by Jen

Run by effort not by Garmin

Ah, the summer is here in full force…and I kinda love it!!!! (I think I love it even more after the crazy cold, never ending winter we had)


I love that we successfully made it through another school year (yay!!!!!!), and we celebrated by having some friends over and spending the day at the park and playing tennis!!! I seriously cannot believe another school year has gone by!!!!





I also really LOVE this:


Yes, I love having a new sports bra (which, by the way, is very comfortable and just awesome)…but what I really love is my signed picture of Kara and Lauren!!!! The last autograph I got was when I was in 3rd grade. We had a school project where we needed to write to someone famous and ask for their autograph. Drum roll please……I got MacGyver’s :) . This one is WAY cooler!!!!!!

As much as I love summer I think it is super important to remember a few important things.

I have seen several posts on instagram and twitter from some runner’s that are a bit disappointed that they are not hitting their paces for particular workouts.

I am definitely preaching to the choir on this believe me….but, especially in the summer, I think it is WAY more important to base your workouts on effort more that Garmin times.

I know…it can be really hard. You want to get that certain time for your repeats and you just can’t….you have done it before…why not today? The heat, the humidity, the sun, hydration…they are all factors.

Here are just a few of my summer training tips, but my main tip is…


*Acclimate- Give your body a chance to adjust to this summer weather. Take a few weeks either off of speed if you do it, or just run at a slower pace to adjust to the weather.

*Dress- In the winter we layer up and dress warm…the same effort needs to go into our summer running wardrobe. Think light weight, light color, and sweat wicking

*Accessorize Socks, sunglasses, sunscreen, possibly a light hat and my RunningLuv are all must’s for me.


*Timing- If at all possible get out nice and early. We tend to stay up later, especially in the summer, but I still try to get out by 7:30.

*Think about your route if possible try to have a lot of shade in your route

*HYDRATE- drink a lot of water!

* Electrolytes!!!!- When the body sweats, it releases water as well as sodium, magnesium, and more. These electrolytes are crucial for nearly every bodily process and need to be replaced. My absolute favorite way to do this is Nuun!!!


And over all….

Just listen to your body! If you are having dizziness, or are feeling light headed or nauseous you may have pushed a bit too far and need to ease up a bit.

Summer running can be challenging and sweaty :) , but it can also be rewarding and fun!!!! (this is coming from someone who LOVES summer running)

The last 2 weeks I have backed quite a bit off my mileage with my race and my ITB issue. I had the week leading up to my half and then last week was a recovery week.

This week I am slowly building back up the mileage and so far so good!

From today’s run:


What are some ways you adjust to summer?

What are some of your favorite summer accessories?

Favorite brand sports bra?……I have only ever worn Nike till I got my Oiselle one!

June 4, 2014
by Jen

10 reasons to run!!!!!


I am so excited to be participating in Cori’s “I run…” link up. I love fun things like this! I love doing fun things for all those non-holiday holidays like National Pancake Day ect.!…it just makes life even more fun!

i run


Why do I run….the most simple answer I can give is …..

Why not!


I find this question nearly impossible to answer in a few words or for just one reason….but it all comes down to why wouldn’t I run!

Here are the top 10 reasons why I run…

1. To be outside……running can take you to some beautiful places and it is just so nice to enjoy all of the amazing things that God has created!

DSC_0315                                                                IMG_0049[1]

2. Best wardrobe ever!!!!……Enough said! I love running clothes and running shoes! Cute and comfy, what more could you ask for?

cute clothes…


BEST shoes ever!!!!!…………………



3. Accesories!……..who doesn’t love to accessorize? wrist bands, and socks, and watches………….. oh my!!!!!

DSC_0108     DSC_0064    DSC_0018

4. The running community is awesome!….To be part of a team, to encourage others and be encouraged by others, it all happens in the running community! Runners are some of the nicest, friendliest, funnest, most crazy (in a good way) people out there and I love being one of them :) !

IMG_0221[1]         ks

photo(58)    friends :)

scan0002  an oldie!!!

5. Food…..specifically dessert, but all food can fall into this category :) …while this is really not a main reason, let’s face it, you do feel more deserving of a little treat when you have had a good run!

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail DSC_1111

6. To be an active example……I want my kids to be active, to enjoy moving around, to enjoy the outdoors. If I want them to like it, I need to show them how fun it is!!!

pic3After their first kid’s marathon!!!!

DSC_1006 DSC_0993

DSC_1031 After their 2nd kids marathon with a friend!!!!

DSC_0255 DSC_0254

7. The after run and “that feeling”……It is just this simple, I love the way I feel after a run! Sometimes getting started is hard, but I 99.5% of the time feel awesome after a run! “That feeling” you get when you accomplish a goal is amazing!!!!


8. To be stronger mentally and physically….. running makes me stronger!

stronger2                 strength2

9. To challenge myself to be a better me…..Racing is like a reward for all the training and all the training makes the racing that much better!!!!!

DSC_1404         blog45        DSC_0104


***10. I love it!!!!!!

I just love it :) !

Why do you run?

June 2, 2014
by Jen

Zooma Annapolis 1/2 Marathon Re-cap!

Happy Monday!!!!!!


 What a great weekend it was!!!! First of all, I LOVE this weather!!!! I love sunny days, I love the warmth, I love the flowers and the green grass, I love the sounds of summer (lawn mowers, birds, kids outside)….I just love it all!!!!

I ran the ZOOMA ANNAPOLIS 1/2 MARATHON on Sat. It was a great race! We ran past the Sate House, Naval Academy and over the Naval Academy Bridge (gorgeous).


I was at first thinking about going for a 1:30. My current PR is 1:32, but this PR was also on a completely flat course. After hearing that this was a hilly course and factoring my off IT band into it, I decided that 1:30 was probably out of my fitness range. I do REALLY feel capable of a 1:30…especially on a flat course…but not yet. I decided to go for 1:35…feeling like that was more accurate. Last year’s winner was 1:37:40 so I had in the back of my mind the possibility of being up front.

The weather was perfect and my husband and kids got up to come with me :) !


Going into the race I kept reminding myself not to go out too fast. I wanted my first few miles to be around 7:05-7:10…no 6:30′s. (my husband was actually reminding me of this more than I was reminding myself :) ).


I didn’t happen that way :/

Mile 1: 6:42- I looked at my watch at just over a half mile and it said 6:34 pace..Ahhhhh! No!!!!! Slow down! It didn’t even feel that fast!

Mile 2: 6:44- oh well….I just decided to go with what felt good

Mile 3: 6:42

Mile 4: 6:56

Mile 5: 7:09- Wishing this was my first mile time

Mile 6: 7:19- a bit hilly but I can do this

Mile 7: 7:55- ugh! Hills are getting to me now

Mile 8: 7:46

Mile 9: 7:56

Mile 10: 7:45

Mile 11: 7:41

Mile 12: 7:08

Mile 13: 7:35

Mile .27: 6:53


DSC_1407                         DSC_1404

I loved:

I passed 2 people in mile 12.

I loved that I ended pretty fast and I loved how beautiful it was!

I got 2nd in my age group and 11th over all.

I want to work on:

Hills! Hills! Hills!

My mental game. I had moments that I felt like I mentally gave up. I also had some moments that I just zoned out on the pretty scenery and almost forgot I was racing.

 I am over all really happy with this race! I want to go over my training paces because I feel like some of my training paces are not lining up with my race times…but I also know I have some things I can work on. Hills and not going out too fast are my two main ones!!! I also want to do some focusing on strength training and core work. I am planning on posting some of the exercises and things that I am doing to improve my over all strength :) …so hold me to it! I have another 1/2 in Sept and a full in November. I may throw a 5 or 10k in before that if I find one close :) !!!!

Who raced this weekend? Tell me all about it.

Any long runs?

Who else is enjoying this awesome weather?!!!!

May 29, 2014
by Jen

T-1 day and counting!!!!

You may have assumed that I fell off of the face of the Earth…but I didn’t :) …just got crazy busy!

We have had such a busy, but super fun week!!!!

First let’s talk about training! Saturday I had a great 7.5 mile run at a comfortable 7:56 pace. I did 14 the Sat before and this week I was going for a 7-8 mile run in preparation for this Saturday’s half marathon! Sunday I was going to do 6. I typically take Sunday’s off, and that really works for me, but I knew that Monday was going to be such a busy day so I was switching them. This run ended at 2 miles with a bothered IT band causing knee pain. This semi-injury has been tricky for me to figure out because one day I will feel totally fine with almost no pain at all and then the next day I have enough pain to end a run. I knew that with my upcoming race it was best not to push it so I just ended the run. I know that 4 more easy paced miles will not do anything to improve my race time Sat. I also decided to go ahead and take Monday and Tuesday off. We have some friends visiting and I knew we would be doing a decent amount of walking so adding a run to that would not help my IT band. Wednesday I did a 5.5 mile run at an 8:16 pace. I am using an IT band strap and was able to do it with very little pain. Today I did 4.5 miles, again with very little pain.

I was able to do my last 2 runs with very little pain which is good…but I tad bit nervous about how I will hold up going fast for 13.1 miles. I have been stretching and rolling and I am just going to go out there and give it my best! I am not too worried about being able to finish and I am pretty confident I will be able to finish with a decent time…1:30 may be a bit of a stretch though…but that is my A goal :) (in other words my this is my best day and everything is going amazing goal).

Our church did a float for our town’s Memorial Day parade on Monday and it could not have gone better!!! It was so much fun! We were able to pass out 3,000 bags with fliers for our church, candy and a little flag in them. For the float we made a paper mache Liberty Bell, a giant wood Statue of Liberty, and God’s hands holding the United States also made out of wood. We made coins for the kids to wear around their necks too. It was just such a fun day!

DSC_1230 DSC_1217

We have some great friends visiting us this week so after the parade we had lunch and then went hiking. There are SO many beautiful areas to hike pretty close to us. We went to a great trail in Pennsylvania and then drove past Camp David.

DSC_1301                                    DSC_1312

The view from our pictures was amazing…but I was definitely nervous with the drop from those rocks! I just kept envisioning someone slipping!

We got home and grilled steaks and chicken :)

Then Tuesday we went to DC and did a few of the Smithsonian museums.


Wednesday we all went to Gettysburg for a bit more hiking…..

DSC_1369 DSC_1373

and some outlet mall shopping :) . I found this super cute maxi skirt and sweater!!!


I also got this in the mail!!!!!! T-1 day and counting! I am really excited for a fun race!


So that is my update for the week!!!!

I had a post last week on Vega Recovery Accelerator and a giveaway…..I am going to go ahead and send a sample to the 3 commentors who have not yet tried it!

I love being able to share great products with my readers… and since I am going to buy a large container of the tropical flavor, I am going to share my samples.

So….Allie (who is in Spain right now getting ready for her amazing Duathlon World Championships on Sunday!!!!!)

Amber and Rebecca Cook…if you can email me at jensrunning26@gmail.com then I can get you all set up!



What do you run the day before a half marathon?

What is one of the prettiest places that you have been to?