Lawn Mowers & Crockpots :)


Today is my day off…but this week I am calling it cross training. Mowing the lawn is totally cross training. Especially our lawn. We at one point had a riding mower, but it is not working so we are push mowing our yard […]

T-16 Weeks and Counting & ZOKU!


Happy Saturday to all! Todays fun was an 8 mile run at an average of 8:08. Last mile 7:29. It is a little cooler today which felt sooo nice! Today officially marks 16 weeks till the Kansas City Marathon that my husband and […]

Running is Flying….


I got this fun book about running from my dad and mom (thanks, I love it 🙂 )!!! I am totally going to be using some stuff from this book for my blog! Some of it is hysterical!!! (probably because it is true). […]

Slides & Fruit


Today’s run was 8 miles at an 8:02 pace and I was able to get out a bit earlier! I am getting closer to being an early morning runner! I used to do all my runs super early, 5:30. Okay so super early […]

Another reason I love summer!


Watermelon!!! I have been on a watermelon kick…I love it! I bought one last week that was bad so I I have been buying precut ones so I can see the inside and make sure it is good! Actually fruit in general seems […]

Getting back “on track”….


Okay so I literally got back on the track today :). I have not any speed or faster (for me) type workout since my 1/2 marathon just over two weeks ago. Today I decided to get back on the track and do a […]

A Day Off…..


Happy Sunday!!! We started our Sunday with a great morning at church. The topic today was enjoying or suffering through God’s great works. My husband spoke on having faith, and how your faith affects others (Hebews 11:1). It was a great message and […]

Such a Cool Idea!!!


Okay, so this is another post on race that happened a few weeks ago, but it is just too cool to pass up! 2.62 miles :)….a kid’s mini marathon. The race they did was a 2.62 mile mini marathon. You could also choose […]