Allstate 13.1 Recap

My first 1/2 marathon!!!!! Okay so this race was 2 weeks ago…but I wanted to write about it and I just got my blog going.

I honestly had no idea how to pace this and whether or not I should take a gel…I just had no idea what the smart way to run this race was. We had also just gotten back from 2 weeks in Florida, and although I did run in Florida the weather conditions were just way different! (anyone who lives in FI, I have no idea how you train for a marathon in the summer!!!). The night before the race we ended up staying up late with friends…although that is not ideal, it is just so fun to spend time with friends that you don’t get to see that often so I am glad we did!

I just wanted to be…. or at least feel a little better prepared than I was.

The day was perfect!!!!! The course was great!!! I decided I would not take a gel since I hadn’t been training with one and my goal was to just stick with the 1:30 pacer for as long as I could. Can I just say she was amazing! She ran it in 1:29:40 or so and she carried the 1:30 pacer sign almost the whole way!


So here is how it went

1- 6:46

2 – 6:41

3 – 6:43

4 – 6:43

5 – 6:48

6 – 6:49

7 – 6:56

8 – 6:56

9 – 7:16

10 – 7:26

11 – 7:25

12 – 7:19

13 – 7:22

I held on for the most part through mile 8 then just couldn’t hold on. I was happy with a 1:32 finish though for 3rd in my age group! I even got to meet Chicago Runner Girl ( I didn’t know it was her though until I got home and saw her picture! )

I am terrible about going out too fast! I just keep thinking maybe one of these days I will just be able to keep that pace going 🙂DSC_0004


Does anyone live in Florida? How do you handle the heat!?!

Do you take gels/fuel for a half?

Who stays up too late the night before a race :)?


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