A Day Off…..

Happy Sunday!!! We started our Sunday with a great morning at church. The topic today was enjoying or suffering through God’s great works. My husband spoke on having faith, and how your faith affects others (Hebews 11:1). It was a great message and I definitely want to be someone who enjoys seeing God work and whose faith has a positive affect on others!

Sunday for me is typically my “day off” or “rest day”. It didn’t always used to be this way though. For a very long time I rarely, if ever, took a day off (I definitely don’t reccomend this). I would actually feel guilty for taking a day off even if I really needed it.

I have come to realize that this is not beneficial for me or my running. Running every day had become too much of a priority. Now, I enjoy my day off and I feel like my running has gotten better because I give myself that chance to rest.

My kids have been having fun pretending to be a turtle rescue team :)!


Do you take a day off? Do you feel guitly when you do?

Do you live by a lake? 🙂


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