Getting back “on track”….

Okay so I literally got back on the track today :). I have not any speed or faster (for me) type workout since my 1/2 marathon just over two weeks ago.

Today I decided to get back on the track and do a 5 mile sorta speedy (according to me) run. I did a 2 mile warm up 8:27, 7:58. It works out kinda nice for me because the track is 2 miles from my house so that makes for a nice warm up and cool down! Then I did 5 tempo miles. My original goal was between 7:20 and 7 minutes and to get progressively faster. It went like this 7:04, 7:14, 6:57, 7:09, 7:13.


Okay so I stayed under 7:20 but I have a problem with getting progressively faster! Definitely something to work on.

My next marathon is just less than 17 weeks away!!! I am looking for a race in between then but we’ll see! I have a hard time finding races in my area and working it all out. I am working on a training plan to help me get my goal time in that marathon (more about that in another post)!

It has been rainy here so we are making some homemade clay pots!


How often do you do speed work?

Do you follow a training plan?

Any rainy day ideas?


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