Another reason I love summer!

Watermelon!!! I have been on a watermelon kick…I love it! I bought one last week that was bad so I I have been buying precut ones so I can see the inside and make sure it is good!

Actually fruit in general seems to just be better in the summer!


Today’s workout was 8 easier miles at a 8:18 pace….I just enjoyed a nice summer run :). I am still working on coming up with a more detailed running schedule…but we’ll see how that goes.

My kids had some slip n slide fun with a friend….

DSC_0700 Gotta love summer!

What is your favorite fruit?

Do you have a slip n slide? 🙂


  1. Megan says

    Way to go Jen! Keep on running. Got to tell you I love watermelon as well. So much of it is grown here locally. SO YUMMY

    • Jen says

      Thanks!!! You are my first “not family” comment :). Locally grown watermelon sounds awesome!!! Hope your summer is going well and is not going by too fast! How is the kids swimming going?

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