The Great Shoe Hunt, a Happy Birthday & Taffy!

That is quite a title, I know!

It goes something like this…I really wanted new shoes about 2 months ago so I started my “great shoe hunt” and decided I would get myself new shoes for my birthday (which happens to be today….33 years old!!!). Does anyone else do that….get yourself something and tell your husband that is what he is giving you for your birthday…hehe…we do  it all the time :)!

So began my long journey to find “the perfect shoes”. I was currently wearing Saucony Guide 6’s and I liked them…but didn’t love them.

I am pretty positive I tried on every single pair of running shoes there are! Some at running stores, some I ordered from Running Warehouse (who by the way has the best customer service! Free shipping and free returns)! My house was a revolving door of shoes!

I also have this issue not only with shoes but also with clothes….I am not a size! I tend to fall in between sizes in everything! One size is a tad too small but the next size feels too big. The size 9 felt a little too small but 9 1/2 felt a little too big.

When we were on vacation I ended up visiting a running store and spent 1 1/2 there. The lady was so helpful and brought soooo many shoes out for me to try! They analyzed my feet and everything. It was great! I came away with 2 of my favorites pairs of shoes yet!!! I have been using them for about a month now and still LOVE them!!!

Drumroll please….

DSC_0710    DSC_0711

The Mizuno Wave Rider and The Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8! I LOVE them both! I went with the 9 1/2 in both. I am now pretty positive that is the size I need. I like that they are both supportive and light. I have been rotating them. So it is a very Happy Birthday present to me!

So today’s birthday run was 7 miles at a 7:51 pace. It was supposed to be 8 but it is just HOT!

We decided to make taffy today! Here is a link to the recipe I used:

It was a really good, fun, sticky mess!!!!!

DSC_0708          DSC_0716



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