T-16 Weeks and Counting & ZOKU!

Happy Saturday to all! Todays fun was an 8 mile run at an average of 8:08. Last mile 7:29. It is a little cooler today which felt sooo nice!

Today officially marks 16 weeks till the Kansas City Marathon that my husband and I are signed up for!!! My goal for this race is a big PR (isn’t that the goal we all have). So far my fastest marathon time is 3:36 and I am going to try for a 3:15. It is quite a differenc,e but if I train right I believe it is possible. My recent 1/2 marathon time was 1:32.

If everything goes right and I PR, great!!! If not I am still so looking forward to that weekend! My husband and I are doing it together and may even spend an extra day in Kansas City just having a fun date weekend. You know you are a runner when you think a marathon is a fun date! πŸ™‚

The training plan…I am not sure yet. I need to get on it, I know! I am trying to decide between one and two speed workouts a week. Along with that will be a long run, a day off, and the rest easy days. I am thinking about having my long runs go only up to between 16-18 miles but keeping them closer to race pace than easy pace.

I have a few books I want to read through while coming up with my plan….


I will let you know how I like them and any helpful tips I get from them :).

Onto ZOKU! This thing is sooo cool and totally works! We made oreo pudding pops today. There are so many fun flavors and different recipes. Some I want to try are:


2.just peachy

3.cookie dough

4.coffee buzz!

There are a ton of great looking recipes and the best part, they are done in 10 min!!!! Love it!


Making the pops


Eating the pops :).

Anyone training for a marathon? If yes, which one?

Anyone else like race dates? πŸ™‚

Read any good running/training books lately?

Anyone else have a ZOKU?


  1. says

    Hi – I came across your blog from your twitter account – you’ve got a good start here!

    I’m training for the Baltimore Marathon this fall, though with a slower goal time in mind than your Kansas City goal πŸ˜‰

    I look forward to following your training and hearing what you think of those books (particularly the Hanson’s method as it seems so different)! I’m a fan of Run Less, Run Faster myself, but I love hearing what everyone else thinks/prefers πŸ™‚

    • Jen @ milesandblessings says

      Hi Amber! Thanks for commenting. I just started my blog and love doing it!!! I have really enjoyed getting to know other runners…I will definitely be checking out your blog too :). My goal would be a big PR for me! I think it is great that you are doing a marathon! Sometimes I think it can be easy to focus too much on time and less on the accomplishment. Be proud of yourself! It is amazing to do a marathon and everyone is different :). I will try to do more posts as I read the books. My body just doesn’t handle multiple high mile runs well. I see some plans that have several 22 or a couple of 20 and a 22 and that doesn’t really work for me. :). Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. says

    Just found your blog and am looking forward to following your training. I am doing a fall marathon as well, still deciding, but will narrow it down by tomorrow. I am currently looking over training plans. I just know I am about 16 weeks out, and need a plan HAHA! It’s not my first, so I’m not worried, just maybe trying some new things out. I love reading and seeing what others are doing.

    • Jen @milesandblessings says

      Thanks for reading! I will check out your blog too!!! I just got mine going and I am loving it! I am not too worried about my training either. I know I have a good base going into it and can definitely do it…it just then becomes a matter of how fast :)! I have been really enjoying reading what other people are doing for training too. Hope you have a great Sunday!

    • Jen @milesandblessings says

      Thanks Tina! I will check out yours too!!! Your marathon is just before mine!!! Is this your first?
      The Zoku was great! We are going to try another kind tomorrow!!! Have a great night.

  3. says

    I love Daniels — he is the man, as far as I’m concerned. I love that all his work is backed up with research. I also used the Hanson-Brooks plan for my first marathon (with the exception of adding in an 18 miler & a 20 miler instead of topping out at 16) & it worked quite well for me.

    Good luck with your training!! πŸ™‚

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