Flexibility, Friends and Food!!!


My running kinda took a backseat to life this weekend and sometimes that just happens. I still got my runs in, but they were all pretty easy miles. I love challenging myself and it is good to have, and stick to a training […]

Total Blog Makeover!!!!!


Well my big news is my new blog design! I am so excited! I love it! (thank you so much Jessa!!!) Today’s run was not very eventful. I think I should back up and explain what a niggle is from yesterday’s post :)! […]

A great speed run


I stayed up way to late last night watching Jordan Hasay try for the A standard in the 10k….sooooo close!!!!!She still got the B and got a 20 second PR, so that is just awesome! She is SO fast! Today is Monday and […]

Some Sunday fun…


Sunday is usually my running rest day so I have no Sunday run planned for today. Yesterday was an 8 miles run at an 8:22 pace. I definitely feel ready for a day off today. My last 2 runs have been at an […]