Be Proud of your Pace :)

I have been thinking about doing a post about this for a little while and so when I got a comment the other day about my pace, I decided to write this.Today’s run by the way was 8 miles at an 8:16 pace.

I have not been reading running blogs for very long, probably less than a year. One thing I have noticed is the variety of different paces that are out there. One of the best things about running blogs is to read about other people’s training. Their advice, things that work and don’t work, and different methods of training. I have also realized that everybody’s “slow run”, or “speedwork” is different. We all have different abilities and goals. Some people enjoy running for exercise, and some as a way to clear their head. Some people love racing others can’t imagine paying to run. We are all different. I remember reading a running blog and her “slow day” was a 7:30 pace and I was thinking that I must resemble a turtle then! Yesterday I mentioned my slow pace being around 8:50. For me that is slower and more comfortable, but if for you that is fast, then that is good too.

I love running for the feeling of accomplishment, so whether you run a 6:30 mile or a 9:30 mile, whether you PR or don’t race much…..just enjoy the run and be proud of yourself for getting out there! 🙂

I found this in my little running book and it made me laugh outloud!

“Convincing sane people to pay for the privilege of running is the greatest scam perpetrated on mankind since bottled water. Is it any wonder the two often show up together?”

  DSC_0049I thought that was hysterical!

We also are getting ready for the 4th by tye-dying t-shirts!!! So excited!!!! I will give you our float update tomorrow along with a bunch of pictures!!!

DSC_0044           DSC_0045

So excited to see how they turn out!

What are your 4th plans?

Anybody have an opinoin about running paces?

Happy July 3rd 🙂


  1. says

    Love this post! I used to say, “I ONLY run a 15 minute pace” ashamed of that pace. But then I realized in my first 5k, I was running a 22 minute pace so now I say, “I worked hard to be at a 15 minute pace!”

    • Jen @milesandblessings says

      Thanks for commenting! Congratulations for working hard and getting your pace to 15 minutes!!! We are all different so the fact that you are getting out there and doing it is AWESOME! Thanks for reading and I am wishing you the best of luck with all your training!!! 🙂

  2. says

    I am in an awkward pace-spot. My natural pace is faster than the pace of most in my running club, but it is WAY TOO SLOW for faster runners. When I want to speed up, I have to run alone.

    • Jen @milesandblessings says

      That stinks! I totally understand it though, eventhough I don’t have a running club. I feel like that is always me in races. The person behind me is going to slow to stay with but I can’t catch the group in front of me either!
      I would say mix it up. Some days challenge yourself and run it alone. Other days have fun and enjoy running with the group knowing it was just what you needed that day. Thanks for reading my blog! Have a great night.

  3. says

    Great post! I try not to compare paces in a negative manner, but to use the faster bloggers I follow for motivation – that once day I’ll be that fast too 🙂

    Tomorrow I’ll be watching fireworks from a friend’s rooftop in Baltimore.
    Enjoy the parade with your family!

    • Jen @milesandblessings says

      That is what I try to do too :). I just hate it that anyone would feel like their pace “wasn’t good enough”.
      We had a great 4th!!! How was yours?

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