Flexibility, Friends and Food!!!

My running kinda took a backseat to life this weekend and sometimes that just happens. I still got my runs in, but they were all pretty easy miles. I love challenging myself and it is good to have, and stick to a training schedule but running is not my #1 priority. Yes I said it, running is not #1!

This Wednesday we packed up and headed to IL for a leadership conference at our old church. I always pack the same way. I get everything neatly packed and in the car and then I start adding things “just in case”. 9 out of 10 times I never end up needing the extra stuff, but I just feel better knowing it is there :).


The conference lasted all day Thursday and Friday. It was such an encouraging time of learning. I always feel like I have so much to think about when I get home. We also had some great food! The greatest of which involved strawberries and a chocolate fountain!. I need a chocolate fountain at my house. Speaking of which, did you know it was National Milk Chocolate Day!!!!



I love him đŸ™‚

Oh yeah…and for all you watermelon lovers…a carved watermelon!


Pretty cool, huh!

We stayed with some of our best friends and their kids from Wed till Sat. Of course, we stayed up WAY too late talking and having a great time. We hardly ever get to catch up so I was so excited to have that time!

We had several families from our church go, so the kids had a bunch of fun.


So with the crazy couple of days my running went like this: Wednesday morning I got up extra early to get in an 8 mile run before a 6 hour car ride. I am not a fan of car rides! I know some people just love them, I am not one of those people. Thursday I had a great  time running with my awesome friend. We did 4.5 miles together then I did another 4. I hardly ever run with someone, so that was super fun and made the run go by so fast! Friday and Sat I did an easy 7 miles. I ran past the house that I lived in from 8th-11th grade. It really got me thinking about how fast time seems to be flying by! I also got to visit with 2 of my best friends from high school. It was so great to see them again.

DSC_0203Again, it got me thinking about how totally fast time seems to be going by!

We got home Saturday night, unpacked and got ready for Sunday. Today is a rest day for me. I kinda don’t totally feel like I need it since my miles were easier, but I am still taking it. Back to the training plan starting tomorrow!

Do you like car rides?

Did you know it was National Milk Chocolate Day?

DO you keep in touch with any high school friends?


  1. says

    I always pack random stuff when I’m taking car trips just because I know I can. I’m much more rigid when it all has to go in my carry-on on the plane.

    I like car rides, but only when they’re under 6 hours. Anything more than that and I’m super bored. Also, I like car rides where I am not driving because I can sleep, and I don’t think that I sleep anywhere better than I do in a moving car.

    Love my high school friends. I grew up with most of them, and they still live in my hometown, so I keep up with a handful.

    • Jen says

      That is so nice that you keep up with friends from high school! We are taking a 9 hour car trip next week….ugh!

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