A fun idea & recovery!!!


Yesterday was day #2 of running without headphones. It was 18 miles too so that gave me plenty of time to think. Thinking led to this great idea that I need some help with! I have a feeling this is what will happen […]

A major accomplishment & running fuel


Out the door by 6 am!!! That was my major accomplishment. I had an 18 mile run today (this also was an accomplishment) and the current temperature here is: Yes that says heat advisory!!!…and it is almost 5 pm here. I had to […]

Words of Wisdom Wednesdays


Yesterday and todays run consisted easy miles. 7 yesterday and 6 1/2 today at about an 8:30 pace. I am kind of gearing up for my long run :). I thought it might be fun to share little tidbits of wisdom on Wednesdays […]