Running a Half…A Mile to a Marathon….part 3

We booked our hotel for our marathon!!!! Which by the way was no easy task! There were a handful of hotels already totally booked. We also wanted a nice hotel, but not too nice. Something along the middle of the road/cheaper line. To be honest, by the time you (in our case we) sign up for the race, get the hotel and all the fun extras that go along with marathon training (shoes, socks, gels), a marathon can get pricey!  We ended up finding a Best Western about 7 miles away, so not far at all. My husband is doing it with me so it should be a lot of fun. We both are really excited.

I am at just under 9 weeks to go in my marathon training!!!!! Today’s run was an easy pace 8 mile run. I did a 8:20 pace. It was nice because I got out pretty early, which is good because today is like 92 degrees!!!

Now….on to running a HALF MARATHON!!!



I thought this was great!!!

So you have done a 5 or 10k and want to make the jump to a 1/2….go for it!!!! You don’t even have to have done a 5 or 10k, remember my first race was a full (crazy I know)!!! If you have not yet done a 5 or 10k though I would suggest that you have a base of at least 3 miles 3 or 4 times a week for about 4-6 months.

I actually just ran my first 1/2 in June and LOVED it!!!!! The 1/2 is such a fun distance. It is really challenging, yet doesn’t take quite the time commitment that the full takes.

There are seriously so many plans that you can follow. I usually find a plan or even two and then combine them or adjust them a little to better fot my schedule.

A lot of 1/2 marathon plans are 12 weeks…it kinda depends on the base that you have going into it. For 1/2 training you could still go with the 3 day a week plan, but I would suggest 4 (even if you cross train on the 4th). If you do the 3 though start your easy days at 3 miles for 4 weeks then 4 miles for 4 weeks then 5 miles for 4 weeks. For speed days you can do 1/2 mile repeats. Start with 2 and work your way to 4. Then for long run days start with 4, then 5, 6, 7, 5, 8, 6, 9, 7, 10 or 11, 5. This pattern is designed so that the miles don’t increase by too much, but it also has a few break weeks where you go back down for a bit of a rest then go back up again. This is a very basic 1/2 marathon plan, but it will get you through it!!!

Some tips for the race:

1. You probably will sleep bad the night before…it’s ok, that is just how it is :).

2. Plan out what you are going to wear and eat and try it all first. DON’T try anything new race day! It could backfire big time 🙂

3. Have fun!!!! Enjoy the excitement of it!!!

4. When it is all done…make sure you take some rest and easy days….and wear your medal for all your friends to see :)!


If you are looking to get faster for your 1/2 I am working on a post about getting faster….so stay tuned for that :).

If you are even thinking about doing a half….do it! It is such an accomplishment and a lot of fun!


Just for fun…I found this at the store!!! By the way, this makes a great post  1/2 marathon treat!!!

I typically don’t stray too far from my chocolate/vanilla combo unless it is cookies and cream, but this just sounded good!

DSC_1111Salted Carmel Pretzel….and yes, it is good!!!

Anyone training for a half?

Any good 1/2 tips to share?



  1. says

    Hi Jen! This is my first time checking you out and I LOVE that you’re training for your first marathon! That is very exciting!!! Which one are you doing? I’m doing two half-marathons this Fall but I’ve run 5 marathons in years past. Once my kids get a little older I would love to train for another one. My biggest goal this Fall is a sub 1:30 half. My PR is 1:32 so….hopefully I will succeed! Can’t wait to check back in and read more about your journey!

    • Jen says

      Thanks for stopping by!!! I just read some of your blog today too and love it!!!
      It is actually my 4th marathon and my husband 3rd :)…but I am trying for a big pr this time. My marathon pr is 3:36 and I am training for 3:15…we’ll see :). I am doing a lot more specific and faster training so it is a little different from my previous marathons.
      Actually the marathon was the 1st race I did…I am kinda crazy that way! 🙂
      I just ran my 1st half in June and got 1:32!!!!! I LOVE the half distance and would like to go at it again and go for under 1:30 too!!!!
      Great to hear from you…I am excited to have found your blog

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