My highest mileage week EVER & back to school

Today was my long run. It was a bit of a shorter long run though, 12 miles. Last week was 15 and I decided to go down for this week and then back up to maybe 17 or 18 next week. One thing I have been doing to try to improve my marathon time is picking up my long run pace. Today I was doing a steady long run and going for a 7:48 pace…I ended up with a 7:50 pace. This was fine with me because it was also really humid out and this has been a longer running week for me. Going into this run I was thinking there was no way I was going to get close to this pace (yes, we all have those runs 🙂 ). Needless to say, I was happy with it. It was one of those runs though that I kept looking at my watch hoping I was almost done :).

This week has been my highest mileage week EVER!!! From Friday till yesterday it was 64 miles. It was a little different week for me. I usually take one day off a week but last week was things got moved around and I ended up taking Thursday off. I decided to run Sunday and just keep going until this Sunday as long as nothing was bothering me. I have also taken out my speed workout for some stamina workouts. This along with a faster paced long run was challenging for me so we will see how next week goes.run6I hope so :)!

The rest of this week consisted of the first week of school. I home school our two girls ages 9 and 11. While it has its challenges, it is also very rewarding and fun. I kinda get excited about the beginning of the school year. I love all the fun back to school supplies and the routine of it. I am getting used to earlier morning runs and it feels good getting them done early. I usually will go early until after my marathon and then as it gets dark and colder I start going in the afternoon. I am just not a fan of the cold, dark mornings.

Here is some of our back to school week!

DSC_1108 DSC_1125

Ready to get started!

DSC_1117 DSC_1116

We went to the track for a gym class and some volleyball conditioning!!!


Apple banana bread 🙂 YUM

Happy Friday to all!!!!!

What is your highest mileage week?

Anyone else back to school?


  1. says

    Congrats on 64!

    I had some pretty big weeks building up to CM of 2011, a few in the mid-80’s. All was well and good until I hit the taper, then everything started to slowly unravel. Honestly, now I don’t think all those miles are worth it. Doing 45-60 mpw I can now get in better quality work while having a life and not feeling so worn out. We shall see if this works for me in November!

    Happy school year!

    • Jen says

      Thanks! I am pretty sure that will be my highest week…it came partly because I switched my day off so I had 7 days of running and I usually have 6. I think you might be right about the amount of miles. Some people can do high miles all the time and be fine and some just can’t or shouldn’t. I usually am between 48-52, and I think that is a good place for me. I am also trying to get some better quality especially from my long run. I am trying to do my long runs faster to hopefully close the gap between my half and full times. My 1/2 is 1:32 my full is 3:36. I used to do my long runs as slow as I wanted , now I am aiming for faster…7:50ish times….we shall see if it works for me in October!!!!!
      I am so excited for your full!!!! I moved to Iowa from the Lake Zurich/Wauconda area, so not far from Naperville! Hope your training keeps going well!!!! Keep me posted 🙂

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