My progression run…sort of…and meal planning!

Happy Tuesday!!!! Yesterday was a 5 mile lactate threshold progression run for me. I have replaced my shorter track speeds for a bit longer stamina runs in hopes to be able to hold onto a faster pace for a longer time.

According to my goal marathon pace it should have gone something like this 7:13, 7:09, 7:00, 6:50, 6:42. I have a problem doing perfect negative splits. It is once in a blue moon that it actually happens perfectly for me :)! Part of the problem is my watch (yes, I am looking for something other to blame than myself).


It is the best watch ever (Garmin 210), but on the bottom it gives me the pace I am going at that moment as opposed to what the mile pace is. So I don’t know what my mile pace is going to be until it beeps out what the mile was. I am guessing there is a way to change that, I just need to actually read the directions.

Anyways this is what I did 1 1/2 mile warm up at about 8:30 then 6:49 (yup, like always what was I thinking), 6:58, 6:53, 6:58, 6:43. God bless the train that gave me a 2 minute break just as I started mile 5!!!! I could have gone a different way to avoid that train, but that would have required going up a hill….and I chose the break over the hill! (don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same :)…if you wouldn’t have you are awesome)!

Then a 1 1/2 cool down made for 8 miles. It wasn’t a perfect progression runs, but I am happy with the times.

DSC_0018 DSC_0012

This is what recovery looked like

Followed by this:


Now onto meal planning. I do not and have never really been a meal planner. Okay, let’s face it…I typically decide what we are going to have for dinner at about 3 or 4 o’clock. After reading several posts on meal planning, I really need to start! I am sure we would eat so much better if I did it and it would just be nice to have it planned. I will never be the person who plans a month at a time or anything but I am pretty sure I can come up with a plan on Sunday for the week. Even if I have to adjust, at least it is there.

So, that is my goal. I am going to work on some recipes…do a little research…and then have a meal plan for next week! I will post any good recipes I find and my meal plans on here so you can share in the good food!!!! If you have any family favorites I would love to know what they are!

This leads me to a good-bye…..


Yes, I am saying good-bye to Diet Coke…hopefully :). For several reasons:

1. It is getting closer to my marathon and I want to make sure I am properly hydrated!

2. It is just plain better for me…I like water, and need to drink more of it.

3. I can think of several other ways I want to spend the money we will be saving!!!!

I have a few cans left in the fridge…but I am buying no more.

What are your favorite recovery tools?

Anybody do meal plans? How far out do you do them?

Any Diet Coke drinkers?



  1. says

    I just came across your blog and I am excited to start following you. Man, you are FAST! 🙂 Anyway, I kicked the diet coke habit over a year ago and don’t really miss it at all. I have had it maybe 5 times since and it never tastes good to me anymore. Good luck, you can do it!
    Also, I work full time and need to meal plan to keep my families busy schedule flowing smoothly. I spent the last year doing a month at a time plan, shopping every two weeks. Setting up the month can be time consuming, but after that it’s easy. 🙂

    • Jen says

      Thanks! I am excited to check out your blog too. 50+ races is amazing!!! I was totally a casual runner (except for high school) until about 4 years ago and then I got the racing bug too. It has only been within the last year or so that I have really worked at improving my time. I have tried a few times to stop but never very hard. I would always still buy it just in case….this time I am not even buying it even if it is on sale! (that was my excuse…it’s on sale. Nothing is way cheaper than on sale!)
      You are amazing…super mom!!! A monthly meal plan is awesome..I bet it saves a ton of time in the long run!!! I am starting small….a week at a time.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Keep in touch!

  2. says

    I could be wrong, but I think I’ve read that this is one thing that users don’t like about that watch – seeing only the mile split after the mile is over. I did some meal planning last week and blogged about the recipes that I used. We had guests and I really had to plan out what we’d eat – worked out great!

    • Jen says

      You could be right…which is a bit of a bummer. It does make pacing yourself in the mile a bit tricky. I will totally have to check out your posts!!! Thanks

  3. says

    Way to go!! That is one impressive negative split run! I need to take notes from you!! Saying no to DC!! AHHHHH it can’t be!!! My heart just skipped a beat. But, I know when it gets closer to my races, I will have to do the same thing 🙂 Best of luck, dear!!

    • Jen says

      Thanks.I know my skips many beats :)ha!…I can think of many reasons why I should and not so many why I should not; so I’ll give it a real try! :). I will keep you posted

  4. says

    I totally would’ve chosen a train break rather than a hill, you’re definitely not the only one 😉
    You’re progression run may have been a little bit off, but those times are still stellar!

    I’m obsessed with my recovery socks – but I tend to save them for only long runs. But I use my stick after any hard run and what a difference it has made!

    • Jen says

      Thanks…I was happy with the times too so I wasn’t too upset about the progression part. I wish it was easier fo rme to get the progression pacing down though.
      I LOVE my recovery socks. I actually contacted ProCompression to see if they would be interested in working with me on a give away or something. They are my absolute favorite!!! I use them mostly for long runs and after speed.
      By the way…your 20 miler was awesome!!! I have an 18 this week and it kinda scares me…I would be thrilled with a 7:55 pace! I will only do 1 20 mile run and I am thinking of trying it without headphones. There are some races that if you wear headphones you don’t qualify for prizes…so I want to try without.

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