A major accomplishment & running fuel

Out the door by 6 am!!! That was my major accomplishment. I had an 18 mile run today (this also was an accomplishment) and the current temperature here is:

DSC_0019 Yes that says heat advisory!!!…and it is almost 5 pm here.

I had to get my run done early and be home before school starts. So the goal was to give myself from 6-8:30.  According to my training plan the goal was 18 miles at 8 minute mile pace. If I was feeling really good I was going to go for a steady state long run pace which would be 7:45 or so.



This made me super happy. 18 miles, no headphones, out by 6 am!!!!! I felt great until about mile 15 …then it was a bit more of a struggle for sure.

I also officially have the best husband! First he fixed my watch to say my current mile pace as opposed to the current pace I am going. Then he brought 2 water bottles to the track for me last night (I don’t do 18 miles on the track…but I run past there several times and is a good spot for my water) so they would be there during my run. I hate carrying water and this way I don’t have to. I just have to say it….he is awesome!

Now onto the part that didn’t go quite as well….fueling! I have in the past used chews because the few kinds of gels that I have tried did not sit well with me. I wanted to try gels again though because I don’t feel like I eat enough of the chews.

So yesterday I picked up a few that were all natural hoping they would be easier on the stomach. (I got chews to as a back-up).

DSC_0016I am glad I got the back-up! I didn’t mind the grape pomegranate carb boom…it was actually okay…I just can’t imagine having more than 1! For today’s run I did about 1/2 a gel and 1/2 a bag of chews. It was okay…but I am not totally happy with it. maybe I will get used to the gels if I keep using them. Having the water at a central location and not having to carry it was perfect!

All in all, I am very happy with the way that run went.

Post run=







I picked up the almond butter from Trader Joe’s yesterday since I was up there (up there is West Des Moines which is where all the good stores are and about 35 minutes away)  getting my gels. We were in a hurry though so I had about 15 minutes in Trader Joe’s….not long enough!!!I am sure only having 15 minutes saved us money though :)!!!

Tomorrow’s run is a total recovery run.

PS> While I was on my headphoneless long run I thought of a great idea that I am going to be asking your help with tomorrow!!!!!


Who has a long run this weekend?

What do you fuel with?–help me with this!…I need ideas!

Almond butter…like or not like?






  1. says

    Wow you make me glad I don’t live in the mid-west with temperatures like that! We were at a balmy 88 in Maryland today 😉

    That’s an impressive 18 miler – esp with no headphones and fuel issues! I told myself all week I’d leave the headphones at home for my 15 miler tomorrow, but now that it’s the night before I’m leaning towards taking them again..decisions decisions

    • Jen says

      Our weather is weird. I like hot weather but this is a bit excessive! I think today was the worst of it. Thanks…I was actually a bit nervous about it. Today was only the 2nd time not using headphones in a really long time….it really wasn’t that bad! Maybe try it with a shorter run in case you really hate it. Good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. says

    Way to go on your long run! Amazing time! I love almond butter. I used to eat it on rice cakes with bananas on top! Yum!

    My long run is 10 tomorrow. I’m half excited (to see how I do) and half dreading it (being by myself for it). I need to do it myself though, to focus on my pace.

    So excited to see you PR for your full. You are doing Chicago right?

    • Jen says

      Yum! That sounds good! You will do great tomorrow!!! Let me know how it goes. I am hoping and training for a PR but I know marathons are funny things and anything can happen. I know I am going to have a great time with my husband even if I don’t PR though. It is the Kansas City Marathon on Oct 19th

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