13 years in pictures :)

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Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful, loving, and supportive husband ever…my best friend :)! Today is our 13 year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 13 years!!! I feel like I blinked and they went by!!!! I really just really really love […]

Running, garage sales, and sleepovers, Oh my!!!


Isn’t this great…I LOVE this!!!! I love the percent daily value at the bottom!!! This week has definitely not been my week for running though! My running has been totally unorganized to say the least. Here is why 1.My husband has been out-of-town, […]

An adventurous run & a phobia!!!


Yesterday’s run was somewhat adventurous!!! My kids love to ride their bikes while I run…I on the other hand have a love hate relationship with this. I love spending time with my girls doing something active…I don’t love the cars and the stopping […]

An update & happy Run at Work Day!!!


First let me start with two beautiful things! First this… Then this… The first picture was taken yesterday after our crazy storm, and if you look closely enough you can see 2 rainbows. The second one was my run from this morning. Yup, […]

Be careful what you wish for!


I remember saying about a week ago how much I wanted to be tapering because I was tired……I didn’t mean it!!!! I take it back! I want to run!!! I mentioned in my post on Tues how my speedwork went and that I […]

The mental roadblocks & I am kind of boring….


Okay…so I need to take mor pictures….but somehow I just keep forgetting! So instead I will post these wonderfully inspiring phrases that I find and hope they motivate you! 🙂 It is officially “fall feeling” around here! This morning is the first morning […]

The 20 mile run and a winner!!!!!


Yesterday was one “those” runs. Those runs that make you wonder what you are doing! Yesterday was the farthest I will go before the marathon…the 20 miler! I am sure it doesn’t help that for several nights in a row now I have […]