An adventurous run & a phobia!!!

Yesterday’s run was somewhat adventurous!!! My kids love to ride their bikes while I run…I on the other hand have a love hate relationship with this. I love spending time with my girls doing something active…I don’t love the cars and the stopping and starting. We don’t live by a trail so it pretty much road running. This is fine but it is WAY harder when you add two bikes to the mix! We also live in a pretty hilly area and it is nearly impossible to avoid some kind of hill. This again makes biking a bit challenging :). I pretty much don’t do it too often and only on days where I am not worried about a pace. Yesterday was perfect! It was the day after a hard run and I just wanted some recovery miles. We ended up doing 5 miles the last mile of which was done while it rained on us. My kids thought that was just awesome! The funny thing was that it had rained before we left so I checked the weather…0% chance of rain all day…and of course it rained while we were out and continued to rain when we got back :).

IMG_0046I also totally over-dressed because I wanted to wear my new shirt!!!! Can I just say even though it was too warm for it…I LOVE it!!!

This morning I did 7 miles at an 8:03 pace. That pace was supposed to be 8:16 but I felt good at 8:03 so I just went with it….I am trying not to do that though! I want my easy miles to be easy and I want to save up my speed for speed days :)!

Onto my phobia……

grass1 grass2

I HATE grasshoppers!!!!! I hate running and having these things jumping at me! I do not know why they bother me so much…but they do! They just give me the willies! I don’t even like putting pictures of them on my blog!!!!

Needless to say I had several of them jump at me this morning on my run and I DID NOT like it! Last summer I had a route I liked that had a nice flat gavel road for a lot of it….but one day I was attacked by grasshoppers (a slight exaggeration)…I have never run it since!!! 🙂

Do you ever let your kids bike while you run?

Any running phobias?


  1. says

    I think we are long-long running sisters with the same need for speed! I had a five-mile tempo run and ran it about 10 sec/mile faster than I should. My goal for my 20-miler this week is to start out painfully slow and try to pick it up at the end. Fingers crossed… P.S. Grasshoppers are creepy.

    • Jen says

      I know!!!! Whenever I read some of your posts I think the same thing!!! I just HATE grasshoppers!!! I am excited for your 20 miler!!! How many 20’s do you do in your training cycle?

  2. says

    I let my oldest, who is 9 ride her bike with me occasionally- we live in a subdivision, so it’s a pretty good route for both of us, and no hills!

    I’m pretty much scared to death of needing to poop like now and nowhere to go 🙂

    • Jen says

      I’m glad it is not just me!! Seriously I have no idea if it is just the time of year…but they are everywhere! I had the same thing today too!!! Blah!!!

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