Runners= some really GREAT people!!!! & Inspiring kids!

Can I just start out by telling you that runners are awesome!!! 🙂

I want to send out a major THANK YOU to one amazing runner, teacher and blogger in particular! Cori @ Olivetorun! Thank you so much for getting the word out there about our Running the USA project! The response has been amazing…because, like I said, runners are GREAT! We are super excited to start getting postcards! At first I was going for one from every state….now, I can’t wait to see how many we can get!

I am going to keep you all updated with pictures and I think I am going to need to get another bulletin board!!!

This project has not only given my kids a fun way to love learning about our country (and other countries now too), it has also encouraged a love for running!!! Running can be fun for kids if we help make it fun. Running does not always have to be a punishment for something you did wrong in gym class or a sport! (you know what I am talking about)!

I love this: “My sport is your sport’s punishment.”


Here are some ideas and things I have done to make running fun for my kids:

1. Sign them up for  race. This is an awesome one! My kids have done several races but my two favorite were 1. a summer long marathon. They ran 25 miles over the summer. I bought them a little notebook and we logged their miles and then on race day they ran 1.2 miles to make it a marathon (just run over a summer). 2. A kids marathon 2.62 miles. Such a cute idea! They got stickers and t-shirts and loved it!!!! Kids love a challenge…so find a race and sign them up! A friend of mine just had her boys do a color run…they LOVED it!!!

2. Run with them. Kids just love to spend time with us…so take them on a run with you!


3. Lead by example :)….they look up to you! and bring them to your races…it will inspire them!


4. Find a cool way to display their certificates or medals. Etsy is the place to find this (I still need to do this one)

5. Kids love games and nature, so include running games or scavenger hunts. For example, kids games like Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light. You can tell them to find as many neat nature things as they can. You might see deer, turtles, eagles, neat flowers, ect.

6. Start a running log for them. A fun way to keep kids excited to keep running is to have them track their distances and add them up. To keep them motivated, you can have them try to run a specific distance over a period of time

7. Let them ask a friend or two to go with you guys. You can make your own little running club. Some areas even have running clubs for kids!

8. Get them some new “running shoes”…..seriously who isn’t motivated by new running shoes! We actually just did this!


9. Tell them how proud you are of them…not because they are fast or got first in a race…but because of the effort they put forth!

Closeup portrait of a young sporty woman relaxing after a long run against sky

You don’t have to have kids to inspire kids either!!! You could inspire friends kids or neighborhood kids. Just be an example!!!


Do you have kids that like to run?

What are some things that you do to inspire them?





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    Great post! My kids love to go running. My oldest son (11) went out for track last year and got 1st place in his event. He has done what our school calls “Century Club.” The goal over the time is to run 100 miles over the course of the participation period. Due to some restrictions his goal was 50 miles and he hit it last year. This year he won’t have those restrictions and is shooting for the 100 mile mark. My 5 year old asks to go for runs more than the others.

    You did actually inspire to do the run logs. I am going to look for something I can use as run logs for all of them. I think I might even go a step further and have them do a run “journal” so that can put down their thoughts or favorite parts about their run.

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    Hi there. I have just discovered your blog recently, and I am so glad! As a Christian, mom and fellow runner (I am nothing near your level!) I appreciate your insight into life. I have a very active 4 year old little boy and a 20 month old daughter… I look forward to the day that they ask to run their first race! Blessings to you!

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    This is great and kids definitely love to run and earn prizes! We just started a “running club” at the Y I work at and the response has been huge!! We make it super simple – it’s a 6 week program culminating in the 2 mile Spooktacular (for the older kids) and the 1 mile “Witch Way” for the little ones. They ALL love it.

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