Running, garage sales, and sleepovers, Oh my!!!

Isn’t this great…I LOVE this!!!! I love the percent daily value at the bottom!!!


This week has definitely not been my week for running though! My running has been totally unorganized to say the least. Here is why

1.My husband has been out-of-town, and while I am able to get my runs in…I need to be flexible about when and how long they are. Maybe it’s just me, but being flexible with runs can be kinda hard. I prefer mornings for sure!!!

2. I ran on Sunday and that is normally my day off. I took last Wed and Thurs off last week because I was having some pain in my leg…that kinda messed up my schedule… so I ran Sun and was hoping to make it till this Sun putting me back on track.

3. rain….remember I am kinda boring and don’t love running in the rain 🙂

So the week has kinda looked like this:

Monday I did 11 miles at about 15 seconds under marathon pace. It was a great run and a definite confidence booster. Since that run it has somewhat chaotic.

Tues I did 5 miles with my girls on bikes. I was okay with this…it was a recovery run so I wasn’t really worried about pace. I was hoping to do 6 or 7 miles, but we got poured on so cut it short :).

Wed was 7 miles at an easy pace. Thurs and Fri is where I got off track.

Thursday was 8 miles an easy pace (a little fast for easy, 8:01). Friday was 7.5 miles at a 8:02 pace. While that is fine one of these days should have either been a long run or a tempo run. I fell into this habit a lot in training for my last marathon. Where I would run tons of miles at the 8 min pace range and not do the faster runs or the recovery runs.

Friday was garage sale day!!! I decided Thurs night I wanted to throw together a garage sale (why I decide to take these things on while my husband is out-of-town… I have no idea). My kids were also having a friend spend the night so I had some things I wanted to do to get ready for that. It most definitely involved buying ingredients to make cookies :)!!!

DSC_0180 DSC_0178


I thought maybe I could get my long run in today…but it is just not going to happen.

I usually come up with a 16 week marathon training plan and then adjust it week by week. For instance…I will say Monday is speed and then give myself 2 speed options. I like to have a general plan worked out and then as the week approaches evaluate where I am and what I need to work on.

I have a few different workouts that I like for long runs, stamina runs and speed runs. For easy runs the option comes in the pace or distance. I try to keep them 8:16-8:48 and go 5 miles or more (it is usually 7 or 8).

This week my legs have just felt tired and heavy. I thought about trying to do a tempo Thurs or Fri but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I also really felt like I was ready for a day off yesterday (I am sure it was just a mental thing)!

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So, needless to say….this week did not go as planned and it was kind of a key week….I now have 3 weeks to go!!!!!! I do want to get in one more long run (16 miles).


How do you do your training plans?

Do you change your plans or stick to them like glue?

Anyone racing this weekend?


  1. says

    I’m training for a half marathon in 3 weeks. My 3 of my last 4 long runs have been with my dad, and that has helped tremendously, just to get the miles in. He’s also planning on racing with me, although I expect him to run ahead of me, so it may be a long lonely half marathon after I have gotten used to having him with me.

    I’ve been able to stick to this plan pretty good. Mostly because, especially at the beginning, I was afraid I would give up if I switched it up- it seems like such a long commitment at the beginning (especially when you’re a beginner runner like me).

  2. says

    I love the marathoner nutrition facts! And that quote is perfect. I’m having a bit of mental struggle with myself about my marathon goals right now, especially after some rough miles in the middle of my 20-miler yesterday. Thanks for the positivity!

    • Jen says

      Thanks Nicole. Sorry about the rough 20 miler…but don’t worry too much, your training has been going so well and your recent race times prove it! Don’t let one run make you doubt yourslef (I should listen to myself sometimes :))!

  3. says

    I tend to be pretty flexible with my training. Usually 2 tempos, 1 speed, 1long run.

    I don’t stick to my training plan like glue. I find that I burn out really fast that way. Having lazy weeks actually really refreshes me, and makes me better!

    Btw, your cookies make me hungry!

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