“Heroes work in schools”


As the school year gets underway I thought it would be nice to give a shout out to some real life heroes; teachers! I felt especially compelled to do so after reading this article  Letter to Teachers  written by Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose 6-year-old […]

Intentions do not produce results….


Unfortunately our good intentions don’t produce results. I need to keep telling myself this. This concept can really be applied to all areas of life! It really doesn’t matter what we intended to do if we are not doing it! I can intend […]

When life knocks you down….


Happy Monday :)! My run today was just awesome!!! I did a 1.5 mile warm up, 6 speed mile repeats and 1.5 mile cool down. My speed miles were 6:12, 6:10, 6:19, 6:16, 6:26, 6:26. I was thrilled!   I have been thinking […]

Training Re-cap….6 weeks to go!

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We have just under 6 weeks to go until the marathon!!!!! I am getting so excited I can hardly take it….but I am also getting so tired…and hungry! It could be the heat or the fact that I am running earlier and not […]

The Sunshine Award!


I had never even heard of this until I was nominated for it! Funny thing is…the wonderful blogger who nominated me, Nicole at Work in Sweats Mama, brightens my day all of the time!!! Her blog is great! She runs, she works, she […]



Okay…I am so excited about this that I am going to tell you about my run later….   Drum roll please :)….PRO Compression!!!!       I LOVE PRO Compression socks and I get to give a pair away!!! One of the reasons that I […]

101 & Running a marathon!

Okay…2 posts with-in the same hour will probably never happen again…but this is AMAZING!!! 101 year old marathoner This man, Fauja Singh, is 101 years old and  just ran his last marathon this year! You may have already heard this story since it […]

TOMORROW!!!! & Soccer!


I am soooooo excited for tomorrow!!! I am doing my first giveaway. I hate keeping secrets so to keep this one in for a week has been hard!!! I worked out the details for this at the end of last week but didn’t […]