This is going to be a great week!!!!


Happy Monday!!! Where did the weekend go?…Actually, where did October go?!? I can’t believe it is almost November…and that stores already have all the Christmas stuff out! I hope your weekend was great….mine was pretty uneventful. It was filled with cleaning and errand […]

A weighty issue…


Can you relate to this? I have kinda stayed away from this sensitive topic until today’s post. I have stayed away from it for several reasons, one of which just being sadness. It saddens me to think of what I at one time […]

If at first you don’t succeed…..


Ah, yes…that age old saying! We have all been taught it. If at first you don’t succeed,try, try again. And that is what I fully intend on doing! I have not yet decided when (although I do have several ideas rolling around in […]

Bad Races Happen….

race 4

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate for this post…it is kinda long! Bad races happen, that does not make it any easier or any less disappointing!…and it happened to me yesterday 🙁 It is so easy to […]

It’s Game Time!!!

race 1

  Tomorrow is race day!!!! I am super excited… whether it goes well or not! I am pretty positive I will hardly sleep tonight! This will be my first marathon as a blogger…which makes me a little more nervous because more people know […]

Is it just me….


Is it just me or does anyone else pack like 3 outfits to bring to a race….just in case! I planned on knowing exactly what I wanted to wear and being totally familiar with the course….but I don’t and I am not. I […]

A great day and 4 days to go!!!


The lack in posts has been due to a lot of travel! I am not nearly as good at posting when I am away from my computer….it is just not as easy to do it on my iPad! Today my husband and I […]

Let the Fall Fun Begin!


Here we go folks…buckle up! It is crazy around here and it will be for the next month at least! First of all, let me start out by saying that I am a super fan of Hallmark holidays (Grandparents day, Valentines Day, St […]