Let the taper begin & you will think I am crazy!

blog45Less than 2 weeks! That is kinda scary….!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. These two weeks are going to fly by too because we are crazy busy!!! We are taking a trip to DC and Maryland next week and we will get back on Wed and leave for Kansas City on Thursday! Pray for my husband, right now he is not sure if he will be able to do the marathon. He has been having hamstring issues and back pain and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. He worked really hard and I am really praying if he can’t do the full he at least feels good enough to do the half :).

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I am officially starting to taper. I was going to slowly start tapering last week…but I didn’t and actually ended up with 54 miles last week (not so sure that was smart).

Saturday I did 11 miles with the last 1/2 mile at a 6:28 pace. I did 4 warm up miles (7:53, 7:56, 7:47, 7:42) 4 slightly faster than marathon pace miles (7:18, 7:17, 7:14, 7:01)  and 2 cool down miles (7:48, 7:47).

This week I will reduce my mileage by about 40% and then 60% on race week. I will still do some speed just not as many repeats.

Why Taper?…

The Benefits of Tapering…..
It maximizes your fuel and enzyme stores, gives your muscles time to rest and recovery, and mentally prepares you for race effort. I sometimes wonder about the mentally prepares part because during taper I tend to go through a lot of self-doubt. It takes knocking sense back into myself to get me to trust the training I have done, but perhaps that is part of getting the mind ready for race day. I can go through my doubts quietly…or not so quietly…at home on my couch or in bed.

How Long to Taper:

There are suggested guidelines but in all reality, I say experiment with your taper and see what makes you perform the best come race day. But generally if you are racing a 5K a 3 day taper is fine. For a 10K you will want to taper 3-5 days. Doing a half?….be prepared to taper 7-10 days. Are you about to race a marathon? Plan for a 14-20 day taper. Anything past a marathon is out of my realm of comprehension :)!

I personally like to start winding down gradually with 18-20 days to go and then really taper the two weeks prior. This training cycle will be a two-week taper so we’ll see how that goes. 20 miles is usually the highest mileage I hit during a training cycle and I only do it once.

The week of the marathon I usually take Thursday off and do a mile or 2 on Friday to shake my legs out and then race Sat!!!!

You can call me crazy but….


okay, I just thought this was funny….and true!!!!

But actually you might just think I am crazy because I already miss summer!!!! Yes…I said it! I know most runners welcome fall with open arms…and while after multiple days is the upper 90’s, a nice cool morning feels good, I still miss summer! It was barely 40 and rainy this morning….just cold! As I got in the car to head to church and was just shivering…I decided….. I miss summer! Don’t worry…I am forgetting about all the fun fall festivities or trying to rain on your fall parade….I fully plan to enjoy fall too…..but,

summerWho is in taper mode?

What is your favorite season?…and why?

-summer! Sun, vacation, warm weather, beaches, sprinklers, parades, popsicles, palm trees…I could go on and on and on!!!



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    I love that eCard!

    I’m tapering right now for my race in 6 days- eek! I feel 100% out of shape from this taper…I’m not usually one to experience taper madness, but maybe that’s because this is only my 2nd marathon. Tapers don’t feel quite the same for shorter races 🙂

    I’ve realized this year I have 2 favorite seasons. As a “normal” person, my favorite season is definitely summer – bring back the sunshine and flip flops! But as a runner, my favorite season is by far fall – low humidity after a brutal summer leads to happier runs =)

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    I’m in taper mode too, for a half marathon on Saturday. I’ve been having hammie trouble as well. Hoping for the best! I hope your husband is OK to run!

    I love FALL. Forget summer. Too hot. Spring is too wet and cold here in Minnesota. Fall is always JUST RIGHT.

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    I am in taper mode and just came back from Vegas! I’m trying not to freak too much and just settle into the last 5 days before my half!! The forecast looks good so now all I need are rested legs.
    Thoughts and prayers for your husband! It would be awful if he can’t get to the start line after all that work.

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