A great day and 4 days to go!!!

The lack in posts has been due to a lot of travel! I am not nearly as good at posting when I am away from my computer….it is just not as easy to do it on my iPad!

Today my husband and I spent the day jogging around DC! It was so much fun! It was just a beautiful day! I have never been to DC before so it was a lot of fun to see the White House and the capital. I will put pictures in my next blog when I have a way to get them on my computer :). I will say that there are people running all over DC! Everywhere we go we see runners!

I have only 4 days till the Kansas City marathon! I can’t believe it has come so fast!!! A friend of mine from high school, who ran cross country with me in high school, just made the olympic trials with a qualifying time of 2:42 in the Chicago marathon!!! I am so excited for her! It has gotten me pretty excited for Sat!
I am deciding what to wear and constantly checking the weather and trying to make sure I am staying hydrated (especially with all our traveling)

I was able to get in a great speed session on Thursday. I did 2 x 1.5 repeats. My first was a 6:28 pace and my second was a 6:33 pace. I really liked this workout in my taper. The 1.5 was long enough to push my comfort zone (I usually only do mile repeats) and I only did two of them so I wasn’t spent after the workout. Since then I have stuck with easy runs. All of them have been about 6 miles at a pace between 8:16-8:48.
I had somebody ask me what I like about distance running…..hmmmmm. That is a tough questions with answers that vary depending on the day! But I found this and love it!

I just really liked all of these reasons πŸ™‚

Why do you like distance running?
How was your weekend?


  1. Amber says

    Congrats to your friend- what an amazing accomplishment!
    I’m getting excited for your race =) hopefully the weather will be on your side too.

    Ohmygosh I totally struggle with the why I run question. The last time I was asked, I mumbled something about PRs motivating me. But that’s such a small part of running that nobody seems to understand except runners themselves. I love that quote though πŸ™‚

  2. says

    I love distance running because it pushes me…and it’s my only truly ALONE time so I can think…or not think. I had an amazing half-marathon this past weekend and PR’ed with a 1:29!!!
    Good luck staying calm, hydrated and psyched for your marathon. I know you will be amazing!

    • Jen says

      Thank you so much!!! Definitely did not go like I was hoping and training for….but time to pick myself back up and try again :)!

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