Home sweet home!!!

It is so good to back in the swing of things!!!! It so really hard for me to blog while I am traveling! I feel like I have spent the last three weeks traveling, so sleeping in my own bed feels wonderful!!!!
We had a trip to DC and Maryland, home to Iowa for a few days then to Kansas City for the marathon and back to Iowa. Next was a trip to IL for a great conference and a side trip to Indianapolis for another marathon, then back to IL for a few more days and now back in Iowa!!! I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving!!! While summer is definitely my favorite….I do really love the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. It is just after that when I start to really dislike winter :)!
My kids and I have been gearing up for Thanksgiving with some of our favorite Thanksgiving books….

We have also been doing a really cute Count Your Blessings project that I got from Cori. Count Your Blessings

I am super excited to make this pumpkin bread and top it with the pecan pumpkin butter!!! YUM!!!!

I also got this book that I am really looking forward to reading!

I am honestly still so excited from the Indy Marathon! It was a lot of fun and such a great race!!! Runner’s World did a great article on 2 amazing women runners!!!!

16-Year-Old, 49-Year-Old Qualify for Olympic Marathon Trials
It has me pretty pumped for another one in the spring! I am really surprised at how well my body handled 2 marathons so close together. I was pretty sure it would either take me a long time to recover or I would battle some sort of injury. Neither happened! I took off Sunday and Monday completely and was able to run 5 miles on Wed, 6 miles on Thursday and 6.5 miles today. Thursday felt a little too good and I went faster than I planned, which I think made me pretty tired today. I am planning to stick around the 8:30 min per mile pace and just let my body recover. Thursday I was at an 8:10 pace.
I am SUPER excited to cheer on some great running friends of mine!!!!
Michele @ NYCRunningmama. Running Philly
Nicole @WorkinSweatsMama. Running Richmond

You guys are going to do awesome!!!!

Are you running a race soon? Let me know so I can cheer for you too!!!!!

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