Beating the post marathon blues and a Runningluv winner!!!!!

blog18You did it!!!! You spent 16, 18, possibly 20 weeks training for this race and you did it!…now what! It may have gone better than you hoped, just plain terrible or somewhere in-between, but either way it is over. After spending months preparing and anticipating the race it is very common to feel down when it is over. It can be otherwise know as the post-race blues. I have definitely had this happen to me, especially after my first marathon! It is a feeling of now what? How should I be running? What is my goal?

The good thing about it is there are some things that you can do to help! Here are a few that I use:

1. Be prepared for it! Know it is probably going to happen and is common.

2. Ease back into running. Start short and slow.Keep in mind that pushing too hard can delay the recovery process.

3. Listen to your body. What works for one person may not work for another. Someone may be able to get back into running after 2 or 3 days and your body may just need a week or more and that is ok!

4. Incorporate some cross training. (I say this…but I am terrible at this!!! I am okay with riding my bike, but not in the cold. I keep threatening to try some work out dvd’s, we’ll see.)

5. Plan new goals. Think ahead to some future goals and what you might want to do to attain these goals.

6. Look for some races that might work with your schedule to put on the calendar! *** (I really like this one)!

7. Tackle the to-do list!!! We all have one…if not on paper then in our heads. Think back to when you were training, all the times you wanted to do something but had a long run and not enough time. Well, now is the perfect time to get busy and cross it off your to-do list!!! For me it is organizing my house. Forget spring cleaning, I get post-marathon cleaning!

8. ENJOY it!!!!! You worked hard for your race, now enjoy the break (easier said than done sometimes)!!!

While I am using the example of marathon running, this can be the same for a race of any distance!


I did not really have this after my first marathon this season because I was almost instantly starting to think about whether or not I could, or should go for another race this season. When I decided I wanted to try another marathon I immediately went into how fast can I recover mode! Since running the Indianapolis marathon I have been surprised at well my body has been doing, but I am also trying to be really careful about picking up my pace too soon. I am trying to really enjoy this easy running down time….but I will admit sometimes it just feels good to be working towards something!

Today was a nice, easy 7 mile run with a temp. of about 20 degrees!!! I was super glad I had my warm Nike top and my Runningluv for my sniffling nose!

DSC_0195And speaking of Runningluv…….I have a winner from my Runningluv contest!!!!

Amber F. of

Can I say 2 things I love about fall? The pretty colored leaves and the cooler temps that make running feel so effortless after a hot, humid summer =)

I’m so glad you found a fuel you like (or at least don’t hate)! HAVE FUN at the marathon – you deserve it!


Just email me ( and I will give you the details to get your free Runningluv!


What do you do to beat the post-marathon blues?

Anyone else getting a taste of winter?


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    Numbers 5 & 6 are my favorite – I’m always looking ahead toward my next race (preferably of a different distance) to keep myself motivated. Taking time off before jumping right back into a new training plan is super difficult for me (but then, isn’t it for everyone?).
    As hard a race reports can be to write sometimes (I feel like a big ball of emotions) – looking back on them really makes me happy and helps me enjoy the race long after it’s over.

    Yay I’m so excited – I’ve never won a blog giveaway! I can’t wait to test out my Runningluv =)

  2. says

    Love this, Jen! Going to refer to it after this weekend. I’m looking forward to incorporating more strength training into my routine, especially while I’m dialing back on running. I’ve also got big plans for a super indulgent massage. It’s hard to get blue when I know that’s coming!!

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