Farewell 2013…..Happy 2014!!!!!……almost :). It is a sleepover night with the cousins….here is our best attempt at a 2014 cake 🙂 I got in a Betty Crocker mood (trust me, this does not happen often) and decided to turn our leftover turkey into […]



After my 8 mile run in 10 degrees this morning all I could do to get warm was take a 200 degree shower :). Ok…not quite, but close! I then switched into comfy mode…aka my new slippers and a seat by the fire […]

Catching Up!


Phew! That is all I can say. Christmas is over. It seems to have come and gone by so fast! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! It is such a special time of year. A time to reflect on the ultimate gift […]

Hello December!!!!!


I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! December!!! I can’t believe it is already December! Now we are full speed ahead toward Christmas! I have so many ideas for this month and I can’t wait to share them with you! Running goals, great […]