Hello December!!!!!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


December!!! I can’t believe it is already December! Now we are full speed ahead toward Christmas! I have so many ideas for this month and I can’t wait to share them with you! Running goals, great recipes, fun things to do with the kids, an amazing Christmas program to share with you…it is going to be a great month!


Sat and Sun were great running days for me! It was the perfect running weather… 45 degrees and sunny. The best part about it was the pace. It was not any record-breaking pace, but for the first time since my marathon an easier pace felt easier :). I had no idea how my body was going to handle two marathons so close together, or what the recovery would be like. I have a definite tendency to push too hard too fast. Knowing this, I predetermined that I was not going to worry about times for at least a month after my 2nd marathon. That was almost exactly a month ago. I have really enjoyed the relaxed pace and just going out to run with no time goals….but I have worried just a little that my easier pace was not feeling as easy as I would like as the end of the month was approaching. Until yesterday! 8 miles at an 8:20 pace and it just felt great! I am not sure if it was the 45 degrees or the Christmas music that I downloaded…but it was a great run. Today’s run was almost an exact duplicate of yesterday’s. I usually have Sunday as my day off, but with the traveling I have been doing and will be doing, I need to switch it up (which is not super easy for this gal…I like routine).

I read this quote and it reminded me that all runs are an accomplishment. Running is the best sport!

Runners are infamous for using the terms “just” and “only” when describing their runs. Sometimes I cringe when I catch myself saying it or when I hear it being used, because someones “just” might be another runners “best”. I watch runners finish races, sometimes hours after the front of the pack runners cross the line and their joy is “just” as euphoric as the one that broke the tape. This sport of running is the best because of the people that make it up and the fact that the definition of winner is not defined “only” by who finishes first. – Reist



Who is excited about December?

Anyone else like to follow a routine?


  1. Amber says

    I can’t believe it’s already December 2nd! I’m excited for Christmas, but I find myself forgetting it’s only a few weeks away now 🙂
    I thrive on a routine, so I know exactly how you feel when you need to change up the schedule. Without my schedule I don’t think I’d get anything done 😉
    I find myself saying “just” a lot recently! I guess it enters our vocabulary again once we finish a marathon cycle. I have a 5 miler coming up, but I’m always downplaying it when anyone asks what I’m training for. I know that short races can be just a difficult as a marathon in their own way, but I know a lot of non-runners don’t think that way, and I let it affect the way I answer.

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