The elf has arrived! & flexible running….

Jingle the elf has arrived and the tree is up! My girls have so much fun with the elf (who am I kidding…so do I). I don’t do it exactly like your supposed to or go crazy trying to keep up with it, I just do it when I can and we have fun with it :). This year I made a zip line from the tree to a shelf and had jingle zipping in on it.
We usually put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving, but we were out of town this year so we put it up Tuesday. While I love the idea of putting up a real tree, we don’t. We had someone give us a really nice fake tree awhile ago and we love it. Actually, I love the convenience And cost if it. I do go and get these great ornaments from Yankee Candle that smell like a real tree though.
This week I am practicing being flexible. I am traveling to RI to visit my grandma and then to IL for a Christmas production that my kids will be in. It is going to be an awesome week! I am soooo excited for both of these things, but running will be a challenge. It is going to be super cold and we have a lot of plans. I may need to run at different times and on different days…which can be a challenge for this girl. I love a schedule and routine.
I think it is important to be flexible, which can be easier said than done. So how do you do it? Well, you just do! Live life to the fullest and love doing it!

Do you have a fake tree or real tree?
Do you do elf on the shelf?
How do you do with flexibility?

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