Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….surviving the winter weather.

As pretty as this fluffy white stuff can be…it does tend to complicate life a bit!
Everything takes longer, and even longer if you have kids. A few major down sides to snow for me are:
1) I hate driving in it.
2) Going anywhere becomes a project
3) I hate being cold
4) It can make getting a run in really difficult.

So here are some tips that I follow (or try to follow) to get me through winter.
1. Slow down and just enjoy it, it’s not going to change so you might as well :). Somehow I feel like more often than not I am in a hurry or running late. The winter almost forces me to slow down. With the snow on the roads and the fact that it gets darker so much earlier. Sometimes just learning to slow down is a good thing.

2. Get outside. It may not be easy at first. I know, it is cold and your run may not be anything speedy, but get out there and be adventurous. Once you get out there you will be glad you did and the fresh air will help keep you healthy. Just make sure you wear the right clothes! This week has been about as cold as I will do 14 degrees with -2 windchill), but I still got out there.

3. Excersize. If you simply can’t get outside then get creative. Find a treadmill, go to the gym, watch a workout DVD, build a snowman, shovel, or do some Wii fit! Any of these will work.

4. Try to eat healthy….but allow for treats! Winter is all about warm cookies and hot chocolate. It is important to remember that too many treats and less excercise will leave you feeling blah…but let yourself enjoy those treats in small amounts!

5. Think like a kid!!! My kids LOVE snow. They love waking making cookies, Christmas time, sledding, making snowmen, hot chocolate, warm fires, board games, and all the other things that go with the winter weather. My advice, try to think like a kid!

6) Be thankful. There is always something to complain about, but focus on all that you are blessed with!

My blogging has been sparse lately because we have been busy with so many great winter activities!!! This week we have had so much fun with friends! These are just a few pictures of our cookie making fun :).

What are some things you do to make it through these chilly days?
Does your running suffer in the winter months?


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    Oh my gosh I despise winter for all the same reasons! Walking my dog has become a chore a dread because I spend so much time bundling up just to walk her, and still once I step outside the cold immediately stings my nose and cheeks – ugh!
    Way to get your run in no matter the weather! Luckily I haven’t had any outside runs in sub 15 degree weather. I’ve been taking advantage of the treadmills at my gym lately to stay in shape 🙂

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