Tis’ the season to be so busy that there is no time to blog!!!

With visiting friends, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunts and cousins, Christmas pageants, traveling, shopping and baking….blogging got put on the back burner :(.
Every year I do it the same way. I say I am going to be all ready early so that everything runs smoothly…and every year that never happens :)!(please tell me I am not the only one).
At least this year I got the cards ordered before Thanksgiving so I could get them in time to take with me when I traveled!
It seems like December has just flown by in a flurry of cold, snowy, icy weather! So far I have gone on the treadmill 3x as many times as last year and we are not even through December!
To start the month off, we visited some friends and family in IL and I too a quick trip to RI to visit my Grandma. The girls were in an amazing Christmas pageant with live animals! They did the performance 5 times and filled the church for each performance! It was an amazing show that I know was a blessing to a lot of people.
DSC_0099 The camel!!!!!!!
Next up…some fun with family and friends! We even made our first homemade gingerbread house! Every year we make one, but I always just buy it. This year we decided to try to make it. Gingerbread stands = success!!!!

DSC_0092 Cousins!



We also made some fun Christmas ornaments for gifts! This is great for little kids. You just pour the paint in the clear glass ornaments and shake it around and let it spread. Then let it dry upside down to get all the wet paint to come out and done! It makes a really nice ornament and lots of fun!
DSC_0141Now here we are with only 2 days to go!!! We got our white Christmas in the form of 10″ of snow yesterday and today the high is only 4 with a windchill of -14! I actually think it is a little funny the difference in reactions to snow most adults have compared to kids :). I woke up and grumbled a little. My kids woke up and you would have thought they had never seen snow before! Who needs Christmas presents, just give them a big bucket of snow :). (okay, that might be a stretch). They could not wait to get out there and break in their sleds! An hour of sledding and then hot chocolate…what could be better!


So, that about sums up our fun. Today we are doing some last-minute shopping and car shopping!!! Yes, that right…Merry Christmas to me :). In the midst of all out travels our car saw it’s last days. SO we are on the hunt for a new car….hopefully a van. Any suggestions?


What is your weather like? Are you going to have a white Christmas?

Are you done Christmas shopping or do you thrive on last-minute shopping?

What kind of car do you drive?

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