Packing and a new book for the road trip!!!


Can I just start by asking who knew Friday was National Peanut Butter Day???? Well, to me…..everyday is national peanut butter day :)! I have tried several other nut butters but I still just love good old fashioned peanut butter! So here is […]

Moving, muscles and marathons


Oh boy…we are busy! Let me start with…we are moving to Maryland! We are really excited to see what God has for us in Maryland. God has really been working every step of the way in this and we look forward to all […]

Shoes, foam rollers, and Pudding Pops!

9270 & 9271

I confess…..I have a running shoe fetish! I love running shoes and right now they are coming out with all kinds of new models! Yes, I am that person who could care less about any of my other shoes and the most expensive […]

Joy in your Journey


I have heard the question asked many times, “why do you run?” While the answer may be different depending on the day or even on my mood :), I think it is important to remember to love your run. Love YOUR journey! We […]

14 miles for 2014


Happy 2014!!!!!! I did 14 treadmill miles today to celebrate 2014 :). I am typically not a fan of doing any more than 8 miles on the treadmill….but I was just in the mood to do it today! I was forced to do […]