14 miles for 2014

Happy 2014!!!!!!


I did 14 treadmill miles today to celebrate 2014 :). I am typically not a fan of doing any more than 8 miles on the treadmill….but I was just in the mood to do it today!


I was forced to do these miles on my treadmill because 2014 greeted us like this: several inches of snow and 0 degrees!


I feel like this winter has been so cold, icy and snowy…and it has only just begun!

Every year I do the same thing (okay, at least the last 2 years). I plan to keep track of my miles for the year and I fail miserably! I am usually lucky to stick with it through January! So here we are, the beginning of 2014, and I am going to try to keep track of my miles for the year (we’ll see how this goes). My husband suggested I put a calendar by the door and just write it down when I come in…genius!

I am also working on steps that I can take this year to achieve some big running goals!!!! I am starting to get that itch to train for another race. While it is really nice to go for relaxed runs, and not worry about a specific distance or speed…..it is also nice to be training for something with a goal in mind.

I have set some very specific goal times that I would be thrilled to get this year. I do not run a whole lot of races, so I don’t have very many opportunities to get my goal times.

Here they are:

5k: 19:30                   Current PR: 20:40

10k: 41:43                 Current PR: 41:43

1/2 Marathon: 1:30           Current PR: 1:32

Marathon: 3:15                   Current PR: 3:30. This would be a huge PR for me and it may not happen right away, but any step I make closer to this goal I will be super happy with!

So there they are…..my running goals. I know I am going to need to improve my core strength to help me achieve these goals. I do not have any specific races picked out yet…but I am going to start working on that too :)! I have a few on my radar.

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year!

Do you keep track of your miles for the year?

What are your race goals for 2014?


  1. says

    This is so great! I have similar running goals and achieved a 1:29 half this past Oct – it felt amazing!! I’ve been treadmill running as well since we are getting a dumping of snow here too. I used to keep a detailed spreadsheet of all my mileage, weather conditions, clothing, etc. and then I had kids. Now I never track my mileage but I also think that calendar idea is genius!!! I’m so stealing it 🙂
    Happy New Year!

    • Jen says

      1:29 is SOOO awesome…I remember reading about it!!!! Wow, you even tracked weather and clothes!!!!…I can definitely see how kids changes that…now it’s just impressive to get the workout in! :). So far I have been able to keep track of the first 2 day :).
      Happy New Year to you and your family too!!!

  2. says

    Way to hammer it out on the dreadmill! Love your running goals. Breaking the 20-minute mark in the 5K is on my list too. I’ve been really close (20:10), but I’d love to crack that pesky 2-0. And a 1:30 half is another big one for me too. I hope 2014 is the year for us!!

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