Joy in your Journey

loveI have heard the question asked many times, “why do you run?”

While the answer may be different depending on the day or even on my mood :), I think it is important to remember to love your run. Love YOUR journey! We are each after different goals and want different things from our run. Your run might be a 7 minute mile or it might be a 14 minute mile. It might be 26.3 miles or it might be 3.1 miles! Whatever the case may be, it is your journey; find joy in it. Take pride in it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of times that I really did not feel like going for a run. The difference is that once I got started (or at least finished), I was so glad I did and usually once I got going, I got into it. When it becomes something that you always dread or have major anxiety over, then I think it is time to re-evaluate. Why did you start running? What made you love it in the first place?


At times I have asked myself, why do I care how fast I go? It is not like I am going to qualify for the Olympic trials or anything, so why push so hard? My answer to that is because I like the challenge. I enjoy pushing myself to see what I am capable of (please remind me of this next time I have a speed session)!’

That is not for everyone. For some what is best for them is easy running. Some race, some don’t. There is no right or wrong; just what is right for you and your health! What gives you joy!

Now having said all that :)…..I am not totally looking forward to the next 4 days here, but I am trying to make the best out of it! It has been FREEZING here! My last several runs have been treadmill runs, (not my favorite….but I am super thankful that I have a nice treadmill at my house) and so will my next several. Monday’s high = -2!

Today’s run was 8 miles on the treadmill and I picked the pace up a little throughout to make it go by faster :).

This just cracked me up! This is a picture of the lake outside my house this morning:

DSC_0325 It is like a little town of ice fishing houses….hehe! These guys are CRAZY! It was SO cold outside!

Now, I am well aware of the many people who think that I am crazy when I run into adverse weather conditions….but at least I am moving and not just sitting there in this cold!!!!!

It just made me laugh!


What makes your journey joyful?

Anyone out there actually enjoy ice fishing?




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    Thanks for the reminder that we need to revisit the reason we do things or believe in things as this is so important in setting up the future. The motivational quote that referred to searching (or buying) something that we think will make us content is so silly if we are unsettled with what we have is soo true. It really has me thinking. It’s so good to have goals and plans for yourself, but do we honestly ever look back at how far we have come and what we CAN do now and appreciate it? So many times I think I get frustrated with something that isn’t going my way. It’s good to remember that it’s not all about me. Be grateful and content. Good things come. Good luck with your 2014 goals!

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