Strenth and success come from getting back up!

It’s Friday!!!!! We are headed to Maryland today! I am super excited…but not so much about sitting in an airport delayed!

I am also super excited to see the elite line-up for The Boston Marathon!!!
Shalane on Boston!

And Desi!!!


Desi training for Boston

Just missing one of my favorites….Kara Goucher!

In a post I did last week I mentioned “strengthen” as being a word that I was going to focus on this year. There are a lot of areas of my life I want to become stronger in.
One thing that you have to be able to do to get stronger is get back up again! We are all going to have struggles and setbacks….but you have to keep getting back up! Not just in running, but in life. It can be one of the hardest things to do and can take a lot of courage, but it is how strength is gained!
I saw this and LOVED it! It got me excited for the Olympics too!

Getting back up!

Are you running Boston?

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