Moving, muscles and marathons

Oh boy…we are busy!
Let me start with…we are moving to Maryland! We are really excited to see what God has for us in Maryland. God has really been working every step of the way in this and we look forward to all that he has for us there!

Now onto the packing….I have been forced into strength training!!!!
Packing is serious business! I am sore…and I am probably not even 1/2 done!
The moving truck will get here this Friday and we will be Maryland bound next Monday!

Here are what I have come up with as being the upside to packing: (I need to find an upside to this :))
1. I am so blessed….we have too much stuff!
2. I have been forced to strength train…it will make me faster 🙂
3. I am forced to clean out!

So this has been my week…packing, organizing and getting ready for the big move. Which has left little time for running. I am still doing my best to get my runs in…but it has not been easy. They have either been cut short or thrown in at the end of a tiring day.
The weather has not been the greatest either…which means treadmill for me. For some reason the treadmill, while great to have, does something to my outdoor running confidence. It seems like when I do the treadmill for awhile and then head outside, the same pace seems really hard. It just shakes my outside running ability for a bit.
So today’s run was outside because it was like 50 degrees today (and now I really want spring). I did 8 miles outside and like I said an 8:20 pace seemed hard. On the treadmill this pace and faster has seemed fairly easy.

I have been waiting to plan any sort of a race schedule until I knew where I would be living. Now that I know, I have a better idea….but I am still actually not sure. I tentatively planned to do this marathon if we moved:
Garden Spot Village Marathon

I still really want to….but I also do not take 26.2 miles lightly and it is only 13 weeks away. I have a really decent base and have been at about 45 miles a week…but I have no idea what moving will do to that :). This last week has been hard to even get a run in…so we will see. If I decide not to do the full then I would love to do the half!

So that is all The news I have…what news do you have for me? Who is marathon training and what week are you on?


  1. says

    Congrats on the move! You sound really excited about it! I’m still trying to decide about a marathon. I have never done one. Kind of dreading those 20 miler practice runs. But I want to at least do one. Maybe this year. I have a 1/2 coming up in April! I love this race, and it will be my third time running it. Have fun with the rest of your packing. Can’t wait to see pics of your new home!

    • Jen says

      Thanks! I am excited!!! You can totally do a half! When you decide to do one let me know and I can help try to motivate you through those 20 milers :)! You will be definitely glad you did it!!! I thought I would only do 1 and now I have done 5…but the distance is still a bit scary to me :). I love the half too! I have a half planned in the fall!
      I am trying to focus on the positives of packing! 🙂

  2. says

    Yay Maryland!!

    I feel the same way about treadmill vs outdoors! But only in the wintertime. It switches in the summer, when I run mostly outdoors – then the occasional treadmill run feels ridiculously fast.

    • Jen says

      I know!!! I am pretty excited. I really like the area! Packing is the only not so fun part 🙂 Definitely need to plan a run :)!

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