Packing and a new book for the road trip!!!

Can I just start by asking who knew Friday was National Peanut Butter Day???? Well, to me…..everyday is national peanut butter day :)! I have tried several other nut butters but I still just love good old fashioned peanut butter! So here is how I celebrated….

DSC_0604Ā Ā  YUM šŸ™‚

Just the right kind of food to fuel my packing!

The lack of blog posts is due to this….this week is our big move!!! Moving is just such a project! Yesterday was truck loading day at our house….crazy!!! Here is an idea of what yesterday looked like for me…


SO much stuff! But the truck is loaded and we are Iowans for one more night and then we head to Maryland! We are going to take our time and stop in IL and Ohio to see some friends.As excited as I am….leaving people you have spent the last 5 years with can be a little emotional.

My running this week has not been even close to where it should be for someone running a marathon in 12 weeks….but sometimes that just happens. I am getting in WAY more strength training then I usually do though (by moving boxes all over) ! I have a few friends who are just starting to run/walk and some who are starting to increase their miles and go for a 1/2 and some thinking about a full which is so exciting!!!!! I am planning some running posts with just tons of tips for runners at all levels!

IĀ  got a new book that I can’t wait to read on our road trip!!!!! And the other book is one I got at Christmas time and have been really enjoying lately!


I am coming up with a 12 week training plan for the marathon which will be different than what I have done in the past because I have a shorter time frame to work with. My base is good though…so we’ll see!!!!

And just because I liked it….a beautiful Iowa sunset!!!



Who is moving or has moving recently?

To where and from where?

Are you training for a race?…what distance?


  1. says

    Best wishes on your move. I wish Mississippi was on the way to Maryland because I would love to meet you. Maybe someday in the future we will be at the same race.

    We moved in October only 5 miles away but it was still a project. Our new home is a blessing and we are enjoying the room and extra space.

    Enjoy your book and safe travels!

    • Jen says

      Thanks Danielle!!!! I would LOVE to meet up sometime :)! That would be so much for to be at the same race :). Even if it is a close move you still have to pack it all up and get it from one house to the next :). Extra space is always a blessing :)!!!!!

  2. says

    Moving is such a project!! I hate packing & organizing the logistics of it – but once I’m in my new home it feels like a fresh start šŸ™‚ You’re almost an east coaster now though =)
    I got Advanced Marathoning for Christmas in 2012 – such a good and informative read. It got me so excited to start marathon training even though I used an RLRF plan (6 months later…).
    Good luck with the rest of your move!

  3. says

    PB M&Ms are the perfect fuel for packing & moving. And post-run. Pretty much anytime. Yum! Good luck with your move. Don’t worry about the training plan right now. You’ve got plenty of time, and, like you said, all that packing and lifting is some serious cross-training!

  4. says

    Wow – good luck! That is so very exciting. I lived in Los Angeles after going to college in Boston and then I moved back home to Connecticut after three years in LA. It was a great, carefree time in my life and I’m so glad I experienced it. Have fun exploring your new home on your runs!! That is the best way to see any ‘hood šŸ™‚

    • Jen says

      Hooray for finally having internet :)! Thanks. I have never been to LA…sounds fun!!! We are loving Maryland so far!!!!

  5. says

    I love that you’re fueling your packing via peanut butter m&m’s šŸ™‚ I could eat the ENTIRE bag in one sitting, no doubt! Moving is exhausting, and mentally especially!! And actually I just realized you wrote this like last week! SO you’re already moved!! Well then how is going?? How is Maryland?? And did I miss WHY you moved?

    • Jen says

      Totally exhausting…but some great cross-training :)…my arms are sore from all the box moving! Things are great! We got here Friday and are unloaded and unpacked enough to be comfortable :)! Maryland is beautiful, we are loving it! My husband is a pastor and a church here in Maryland was brought to his attention and things just pretty much fell into place from there…so pretty much falls into the job transfer category. It was neat to see God leading in every step of the way.

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