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We made it!!!! In case your new or missed it….we just moved from Iowa to Maryland! We actually got here on Friday and have been unpacking since :)! The unpacking is going great except the only thing we cannot find are the screws to my treadmill!!!!! 🙁

We got our internet finally figured out yesterday though. Let me just say that for two people who are not fluent in computer…it was a project. We decided to get our own modem and router and figure it out…hours later we finally got it!

We love it here! It is such a pretty area and we love the people we have met and our church! I know you are going to be so excited because someone made me the BEST loaf of cinnamon zucchini bread and as soon as she gives me the recipe I am going to share it and make 5 more loaves :)!

We really did not have any trouble getting here even with all this crazy weather. We broke it up into 3 smaller trips and visited some friends along the way so that was a blast. Trip 1 was Iowa to IL. We did a Bulls game while in IL! Tripe 2 was IL to Ohio and trip 3 was Ohio to Maryland!


Speaking of weather…this is getting a bit crazy! On Sunday we had 54 degrees, than Monday 5 inches of snow, than last night freezing rain! I saw this and loved it :)!

winterMy run today was 6 miles dodging falling icicles that were dropping from power lines and trees :).

I will say this about where I am living and the running routes that I have gone on so far…..HILLY! It is giving my legs a killer workout! Iowa can be hilly too….but they are more gradual and I had routes that did not really have them. Here they are straight up and I have yet to find a route that does not have several of them!

As far as running goes….with moving and all this crazy weather it has been hard! I have done my best to get my runs in…but have not done any “race training”. I think I am going to take my own advice to help get me motivated and sign up for a race! I am just going back and forth whether to do the 1/2 or full. I am looking at the Garden Spot Village Marathon in Lancaster, PA. It looks beautiful and like a ton of fun!


I also love the ROAD APPLE AWARD that you get if you run that race and another 1/2 in the fall. I know that if I go for the full I will not have the racing fitness that I would like to have going into it….but I am not sure that I care :). I may just go for it knowing it might not be my fastest race and look at it as a fun race. I am competitive when it comes to races so I will definitely be going for “my best”…I just know that I am not in the shape I was in for the marathon I did in October. I have until the end of this month to decide so I think I will try a long run and see what I think after that :)! It would be easier to get a long run in if the weather would cooperate a little :)!

I will leave you with a few pictures from my first runs in Maryland!!!!!!!!! (just iphone pics)

IMG_0132[1] IMG_0128[1] IMG_0130[1]

What is the weather doing by you? Is it making it hard for you to get your runs in?


  1. says

    Hooray for you! So glad you made it and are loving it. You should get an award for figuring out your internet all by yourselves – wow. We got 13 inches in CT yesterday and I’m not loving it. BUT I did get out for a snowshoe so…

    • Jen says

      13 inches!!!! Ahhh!!! That’s crazy :). This winter has just been nuts! I second that award for the internet thing…for some people it would be no big deal…I wish I was one of those people :)!!!

  2. says

    Your Maryland runs look beautiful! We visited Michigan a month ago and I got to do some snow running for the first time- its actually not too bad after all. And you are so right- the run goes quickly because you are focused on dodging ice/people the whole time lol.

    • Jen says

      Hi Hannah! Thanks for commenting….I can’t wait to check out your blog! I must say, your palm tree and ocean pictures look beautiful too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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