First I was buried in boxes…now snow!!!! I think I can safely say that I am pretty much dug out of both.

As far as unpacking goes we are for the most part settled in! All the boxes are unpacked and “stuff” is all put away. We still have a few odds and ends to finish but we are feeling pretty settled in!!!!! Here is our new home!!!!!


Now….the topic of the day (insert Jaws music :))…THE SNOW!!!! We got buried! I would guess we got a good 15″ of snow!!! Here is my van this morning:



In all of our unpacking one of the things that we cannot seem to find is the screws that go to my treadmill! This means outside running or no running for me. This morning I thought there was no way I would be able to go running, but as the day went on and the roads got cleared, I decided I could go for a run….just cut it short and be careful. So it was 5 miles in the slushy snow!

nuts1This has been just a crazy winter as far as weather goes… and making the best of it seems to be about all I can do!

Here is my winter tip for this current crazy winter:

Make the best of it! If you have drop the time goals and just try to have fun! My husband continually tells me,
“you can’t change it so just pretend that you love it”…..

Love is a strong word…I am not going that far….but I am trying to make the best of it and enjoy my runs even in the most un-enjoyable of circumstances :)!!!

We have been able to go on some really fun hikes and see some beautiful places in our area. I also had my in-laws and one of my best friends come for a visit, which was SO fun!!!!


We went to this little waterfall trail in our area….

DSC_0651 DSC_0645

We have just been having a great time getting to know our new home!!! Just a few more pictures because they were so pretty and I couldn’t resist!



Did I mention that as I type we are getting more snow! 🙂


What kind of weather are you having? (you might not want to tell me sunny and warm :))

Have any good tips for making the best of bad weather?


  1. says

    Glad to see you’re settling into your new home!
    That quotes about going crazy running in the snow or on the treadmill is so perfect! I’m going stir-crazy this winter for sure.
    With this relentlessly cold and snowy winter, it helps to remind myself that at my race next month, everyone else trained in similar conditions. We never suffer alone :p

    • Jen says

      We are loving Maryland!!! I think this crazy winter is making everyone a little stir crazy!!!! I can’t wait to check out some trails but they are buried in snow for now :). Next week I see 50’s!!!!!!!!

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