Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Whether you love it or hate it…it is Valentines Day :)! Some people spend tons of money and some people don’t spend any money. Some people go “all out”, some people don’t go out at all :). How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?…if you even do!

I loved reading Nicole’s post from Work in Sweats Mama on What is Love?

I love Valentines Day…..but not because we “go all out”. I love it because it is just another day for me to show the one’s I love how much I love them! I love to just have fun with little holidays! So this morning we made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls…..


and tonight the girls are having some friends over and we are making heart-shaped pizzas and then we are going to watch Beauty and the Beast!!! :)…after they finish playing in all this snow that we have!

DSC_0715So, that is why I love Valentines Day! It is just fun. I am not someone who likes to spend a ton of money on it, nor I am someone who buys into this love at first sight stuff. I believe that love is more about action than feelings. If asked, I would say that love is actions done with the expectation of nothing in return.


I personally don’t really like to get flowers for Valentines Day (because that is when they are most expensive) or boxes of chocolate (if you are getting me candy I like peanut butter m&m’s…I don’t like all the random fillings in boxes of chocolate). Sometimes my husband and I will do a little something nice for each other; give a card or now that we live close to a frozen yogurt place we can go for fro yo!!(hint, hint)….but I much prefer these little acts of kindness throughout the year… just on random days. My husband will say that he likes to do it when Hallmark isn’t telling him to (funny)! So that is my take on Valentine’s Day.

My running today was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it was the sun, but I feel like I am getting stronger! The hills by our new house are no joke! They have been killing me lately. That combined with this weather has made for some pretty blah runs…but I had decided to just be happy to get out and go for a run and stop worrying so much about the pace. It has been two weeks since we got here and today was by far my best run since we moved. Not only did it feel great I was happy with the pace. I did 7 miles at an 8:16 pace and it felt really good. I would guess that probably half (or close to half) of that was going uphill! It just feels great to when runs go so well!!!!


Later this week I will let you in on a race that I have on the calendar for me and the girls!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!!!!

What are you doing to celebrate Valentines Day…or are you a non-celebrater?


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    That sounds like a great run, especially holding that pace uphill! I think your Valentine’s plans sound perfect. I think I’m going to chill out at home with my hubby and watch a movie or something on Netflix, so a very similar night. I totally agree that it’s better to concentrate on actions and showing love rather than buying expensive gifts or flowers that are 3 times as expensive as they were a month ago.

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    Looks like a fun Valentine’s day! BTW, your new home is lovely! I celebrated Valentine’s Day sick! 🙁 But, we had a wonderful day anyway. I feel blessed that Valentine’s Day is simply a reminder of what I already have with my wonderful family. I am very blessed by them.

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