Of course…..

As soon as I am 3 miles out it starts to pour…..of course :)!


This was my run yesterday. I knew there was a slight chance for rain in the morning, but that was the only time that was going to work for me to run. When I left the house it didn’t really look like rain so I thought I lucked out….wrong! Actually, it wasn’t really too bad (I am pretty sure that anyone who drove past me during this time though thought I was nuts!)…6 miles at an easy pace 2.5 of them were in the rain :). Of course the rain let up and pretty much stopped by the time I got home.


I came across THIS interesting bit of information about one of my favorite runners….Kara Goucher.


I also came across THIS article about the new “Unbroken” movie. The book was amazing. The faith that Louis Zamperini had is inspirational! I like to sometimes listen to audio books when I run…. and seeing this made me want to get and listen to Unbroken next!!!!


Other than that …not much is new. I am working on a speed work plan to get me ready for my upcoming 1/2 marathon and I have the recipe for the best cinnamon zucchini bread I have ever had…here it is:

Zucchini Bread

 1. 3 cups whole wheat flour

2. 1 Tbs cinnamon

3. 1 1/4 tsp baking powder

4. 1 tsp baking soda

5. 1 tsp salt

6. 1 c canola oil

7. 2 1/3 c sugar

8. 3 eggs, beaten

2 c grated zuchinni

9. 1 Tbs vanilla

1. preheat oven to 350.Combine first 5 ingredients.Combine the oil and sugar, mixing well. Add eggs 1 at a time. Add dry ingredients. Bake for 1 hour

This recipe makes 2 loaves!

Do you have a favorite type of bread?

Ever read Unbroken? Do you ever listen to audio books when you run?


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