Thankful for God’s protection & Spring fever!!!!!


Yesterday afternoon did not quite go the way that I had planned, but I am SO thankful for God’s protection! My husband had taken a few kids from OUR CHURCH to watch a basketball game in NY. I needed to run a quick errand, so I took the girls with me and we went. We actually were going to pick up our Maryland insurance cards and making sure we had that all squared away. While on our way home we were involved in a car accident. It was not my fault, and we are all fine and so are the people in the other car … just shakes you up a little bit. While the police officer was filling out the report he let my girls sit in his car and they thought that was the coolest thing.

It was just a little reminder to me of how fast things can change, and how little control we really have of situations. It makes you want to really focus on what matters in life and hug your loved ones :).

On a lighter subject :)….

It was like 60 degrees today!!! When I went for my run it was about 50 and I totally over-dressed! It was far too warm for sweatpants. I am just so used to freezing temps that I haven’t figured out what to wear yet. I now have spring fever!!! Unfortunately….next week is going to be cold again. My last couple of runs have felt great!!! Yesterday was 7 miles at about an 8 min pace and today was 8 miles at about an 8:20 pace. I need to get some speed in…but I really don’t know where to go! The tracks are drowned in snow and I just haven’t found a nice flat spot where there isn’t a lot of traffic to do speed. (it is not just an excuse either…I really haven’t)


Yesterday I took the girls out for a 3/4 mile run. They are pretty excited for their race and one of their friends wants to do it with them, which makes them even more excited!!!


— A shoe picture before our run :)!







Here are a few things I have been loving in my diet:


I have been trying to have a few walnuts and almonds everyday. I have also been really loving blueberries and raspberries. The blended Yoplait Greek yogurt is SO good…and I am picky about yogurt! …and goldfish of course (for no nutritional value…just good). I have also been having a banana a day too but forgot to put it in the picture :). Just some foods that I have read are good for runners. 🙂

What are some of your favorite foods that you try to include daily?

Who else has spring fever?


  1. says

    So glad you guys are ok! That was nice of the office to let your girls see the inside of his car 🙂
    I love goldfish! I’m not usually someone who craves a salty snack, but goldfish are the exception- I could always use a handful of them.
    Lately I’ve been enjoying yogurt & walnuts for dessert- so filling and I don’t feel guilty for having it so often 🙂

    • Jen says

      Thanks me too! :). I am thankful we had such a nice officer too! Maybe running makes you crave goldfish (hehe)! The Yoplait blended yogurts are great!!!

  2. says

    So glad to hear you are all ok! Accidents are so scary, especially when your kids are in the car.
    I hope you shook it all out on your run with those beautiful Brooks!!! Loving the temps as well!

    • Jen says

      Thanks. I think doing kids races is just a fun way to get them involved :). And yes 🙂 gotta get a shoe pic in there….they are pretty new and So far I am loving them…a review to come, just want a little more time in them.

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