A few things that I am working on…..

It is a great day when all 3 of these came on the same day!!! Because of our move and having the mail forwarded, I just got all of my March running magazines.


While I am in the process of planning some of my training for my upcoming half I have some areas that I have not been doing great at…but working at changing :)….

1. Must stretch more!!!! My muscles have felt pretty tight lately. Part of that may be the hills by our new house, but I don’t think that is the only reason. This has been me lately


or this….


So…..my response to this is:


My good old-fashioned foam roller. This is the best foam roller I have used! I have been using it faithfully the last 3 days and that has helped a lot! If you don’t have one of these…get one!

2. I want to get more protein. In the summer I love making smoothies and I always put protein powder in them. With the cold weather I have not been making smoothies so I have not been getting that protein. I don’t think it is necessary to have protein powder….but it depends on your diet. I do eat meat…but not a lot and I think the added protein helps. I am looking into going with a plant-based protein as opposed to the whey one that I am using.  I am still looking into it and will keep you updated on what I go with. I am really wanting to give VegaSport a try!

3. WATER! Again, in the summer it is a lot easier to drink more water…but it is not summer :). I have been filling up my water bottle and taking it with me to help remind me to drink water.

4. The gray area. This is what I like to call it at least. Pretty much it is running a lot of miles at a not hard, not easy pace and doing nothing else. While I am happy that the 7:50-8:05 pace has come back to me pretty easy…I need to be careful not to stay there. Signing up for a race helped. Depending on what your running goals are, this may work for you….. but I think it is better to make your quality runs quality and your easy runs easy.

So those are just a few things that I am working on right now.

Tomorrow is banana bread day at my house!!!! I have a ton of bananas and 4 different recipes that I am excited to try!!!! I will let you know how they go and share any that are worth sharing!


What are some things that you are working on with your running?

Whey or plant protein? Which do you use if any?



    • Jen says

      I hear ya!!! Strength training is on my list too! Summer seems to be so much easier for me to pay attention to the details….but the details are important! 🙂 we can keep each other accountable!

  1. says

    I use plant protein. I have used whey but read a lot about it & just feel safer with plant. More natural.

    You make me want to make some banana bread. I haven’t made any in so long. eat all my bananas before they go bad.

  2. says

    I need to get some strength training into my routine. I have gotten MUCH better about stretching and have been doing a 15min yoga for runners video a couple times a week when I am really tight. That has helped me SOOOOO much. I can’t believe it! Banana bread sounds yummy!

    • Jen says

      It is hard to fit in the strength and stretching!!! I have to plan for it and then just do it. I usually never want to but my muscles are glad when I do! I usually just add push ups and some curls with a weight and planks. If I get some of those in I feel great about it! I am putting one of the banana bread recipes on tomorrow…it was amazing!

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