Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

strong8I read this post about Desi Davila’s training experience in Iten, Kenya and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!! Iten is said to be one of the best running camps in the world with its altitude and great running trails. I cannot even imagine running by grazing giraffes! I have never been to Kenya, but I have been to India. It is really just eye-opening to see the different style of life that people have in other countries.

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There are so many things that I just loved about this article! There was so much that you can not only apply to running but also to life. There were 3 quotes that really stood out to me.

1. “Improvement happens when we watch ourselves fail and then learn from it. Putting myself out there, getting in deep, and struggling by being surrounded by far superior athletes has not only helped me improve and challenge my thresholds, it’s been eye-opening about where those thresholds really lie – often times far beyond where I initially thought.”

It makes me think about how many times we limit ourselves.

I also loved this:

2.”The trip was less about the altitude and much more about the attitude.” Our attitude, or how we think about a situation or circumstances has a big impact! There are so many circumstances or events that happen in our life that we have no control over, but we do have control over how we react to it. We have a choice every day regarding the attitude that we will have and that is a big deal!


This I just thought was so cute, and yet so very true!


The last awesome quote that I took away from this was this one:

3. “Embrace the work and remember it can be play”. If you are training for something sometimes it can be hard…but always remember what you love about running. Again, this can be applied to life also. Yes, there is work, and yes “stuff” has to get done, but enjoy life! Take time to live in the moment, to enjoy the small things. Take time for others, for loved ones.


and always make sure to enjoy dessert 🙂


God has blessed with an amazing life in which I am so thankful for….now I want to make sure that I am doing what I can to make the most out of the blessings and opportunities that he has given me.


I can not even imagine what it must have been like to not be able to run the race you want during the Olympics due to an injury! I have a hard enough time just being injured with no race on the calendar let alone the Olympics!!! But Desi has healed and is ready to run Boston 2014 and I wish her an amazing race!!!!!

Have you ever been to another country?

Think of something that you can do be a blessing to someone and go do it!!! 🙂


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    I had the chance to wave a hello to Desi when we were both out running at Memorial Park just before the Houston Marathon Trials a couple of years ago. I hope her race goes well! I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Norway, Scotland, London for a day and Belize. It would be great to go to Africa like Desi or India like you. Traveling is an eye-opener!

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    I’ve been to Italy and Switzerland, so there wasn’t a huge difference in lifestyle, but it was still cool to see small differences.
    I love that first quote- great outlook on failure. After reading a feature about Desi in Runner’s World before the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2012, I knew I liked her. Her work ethic and approach to training is so inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    I haven’t been to another country. I do good to make it 3 hours to drive to Nashville 🙂

    I was blessed by a friend this week & it just made my day so much better. Makes me want to bless others & give that same feeling!

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