A little motivation!!!!!


Happy Saturday!!! It is raining here…at least it is not snowing! It’s just one of those days that you want to lay around the house in sweats and do nothing…too bad I have too much to do 🙂 Started the day off with […]

Runner’s March Madness & my weekend run!


I am not even going to talk about the weather…just not going to do it!!!! 🙂 My pictures say it all: Saturday: Today! I am going to talk about March Madness!!!! I love it! After running (of course!!!!!), basketball is my next favorite […]

Big News Day!!!!


Today was such an exciting day, in my world at least :). 1. 1st day of Spring, Hallelujah! Although I realize that does not mean forever warm, it is a step in the right direction!!!! Today was GREAT! 52 degrees for my run..I’ll […]

The Incredible Edible Egg


Let me just start out by saying 3 things 1. “Frozen” was great! Totally worth watching a movie on a school night for :)! 2. Warm weather…I am actually begging you!!!…have mercy on us please :)! Today’s run was 7 miles in freezing […]

Do you foam roll correctly?


First things first this morning….a Walmart run to pick up “Frozen”!…which we will be watching momentarily!!!!! On today’s run I did something that I have not in a VERY long time. I ran Garmin-less! It was actually not on purpose and I debated […]


frozen 2

Ok, this is a total lie for me….the cold totally bothers me and I am very much not a big fan of snow :)!!!…and it just keeps coming! This is more my mentality…   OLAF SINGING “IN SUMMER” Are you catching my theme […]

“Embrace the Hill” & a 5k recap


“Embrace the hill”……what a great mentality to have! It is again another statement that we can not only apply to running, but also to life. When I saw SARAH’S POST on her embrace the hill shirts, I was so excited to support such […]

Happy National Pi Day & a 5k!


  HAPPY NATIONAL PI DAY!!!!! So, for the last several times I have taken my kids with me to the grocery store my youngest has asked to buy this Hershey chocolate pie and I keep saying not today, maybe another time. Last night […]

Run for Jaime-Sat March 15


I am again reminded how quickly things can change in life. Yesterday, a Virginia mom was hit by a car and killed while out on her morning run. Jaime Rowley, 31,  was simply doing something many of us have done every morning for […]