Run for Jaime-Sat March 15

I am again reminded how quickly things can change in life. Yesterday, a Virginia mom was hit by a car and killed while out on her morning run. Jaime Rowley, 31,  was simply doing something many of us have done every morning for years. Get up early to get our run in before showering, waking up the kids and getting the day started. Tragically, she never made it home. There is a memorial of running shoes that is being built for Jaime at the scene of where the accident happened.


Although I did not know Jaime, I will be joining many other runners this Saturday as we log miles as a way to celebrate her life. A Facebook group was created by Jaime’s friends to encourage the running community worldwide to dedicate the miles they run on Saturday to Jaime and to use #RunForJaime when recording those miles.


This is not only a reminder of how quickly life can change, but also a safety reminder. It is impossible to protect yourself from every situation that may occur, but there are measures of safety that we can take. Here are some that come to my mind:

1. Carry a phone

2. run against traffic

3. Wear bright clothing…the brighter the better!

4. run with friends when you can

5. Carry a light if it is dark. A headlamp or lighted bracelets ect

6. know your surroundings

7. pay careful attention to traffic…look both ways (might sound basic, but do we always do it?)

8. tell someone your route and approximate time you will be gone

9. have ID (I need to start doing this). Road ID have a lot to pick from.


These are just some pretty basic ways to help keep yourself safe. I will definitely be praying for Jaime’s family and friends at this hard time.

What are some ways other ways to be safe that you can add? Are you good about doing most of the things on my list?




  1. says

    I’m so sorry to hear this news! I can’t think of anything more awful. I think you listed pretty much everything you can possibly do, but accidents still happen. I will be thinking of Jamie when I run my half this weekend. So tragic.

  2. says

    I’m pretty good about these except I don’t always have my phone and I don’t always tell someone I am running. I’m almost always home before my man, I may send him a text saying “going running” though. If he is home he usually asks me where and how far though.

    • Jen says

      Me too. I don’t carry an ID with me and I almost never run with someone. I did just switch up my route from a pretty busy road without sidewalks to one that is more runner friendly 🙂

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