“Embrace the Hill” & a 5k recap

“Embrace the hill”……what a great mentality to have! It is again another statement that we can not only apply to running, but also to life. When I saw SARAH’S POST on her embrace the hill shirts, I was so excited to support such a great cause! I love my shirt and I especially loved the sweet card that came with it! I love that the card included I Peter 1:6-7….I think those are amazing verses! Here I am with Courtney sporting our new shirts :)!

DSC_0822How often do we look at the hills or challenges in life and think that we just can’t do it? How many times do you stand at the bottom of a hill, look up it and think, are you kidding me? It is too steep, too long, too hard!

Instead we need to think about the strength that will be gained by conquering the hill. I LOVED what Sarah put on her card that came with the shirt. “When you learn to embrace it, you will gain the power to conquer it”…..so true! We need to remember that the hills are what make us better, stronger. The hills will not only make us better runners, but better people.


Running up that hill can be very hard, but it is when you get to the top that you see what you have accomplished. You will find that not only do you have an amazing view, a downhill is in front of you and you are stronger because of it!

Some of the greatest blessings in my life have come after some of the hardest times. Knowing that God is always with me, and has a perfect plan for me has helped me to get up the hills of life. But how often do we actually embrace the hills or challenges in life? How often do we remember (as hard as it maybe) that they are making us stronger? How often are we actually thankful for them?…yes thankful!    II Corinthians 12:10- Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.


This is actually a perfect shirt for me right now!!! We moved to Maryland about 6 weeks ago….and I have been running up hills ever since :)! It is a very hilly area….beautiful, but hilly!

Yesterday I did a 5k and my girls did the 1 mile fun run! We had a great time. I like the 5k….it is short and painful…and that is exactly what this one was :). I went into not really sure what to expect. It was in the town that I live in, but our house is actually closer to the town next to us, so I have not really been through our town yet. I had not done any speed work until last Sat because of all the snow. Last Sat went really well…so I was optimistic. I went into it hoping for under 21 minutes, and if it was flat hoping to PR (20:40 is my current PR). I was the first female with a time of 21:09. I am totally happy with that! There were 4 serious hills! I am pretty sure when I saw the 3rd one I was definitely thinking, “are you kidding me?!”

DSC_0769 DSC_0756

The kids race was supposed to be a mile…they really need to measure that one again! It was 1/4 of a mile :)! The kids had fun and got cute medals and free shirts…but it was nowhere near a mile! Alyssa said when we finished, “well I would have gone way faster if I knew it was that short”. 🙂 They also had some fun games for St Patty’s Day after the race so that was fun.

DSC_0786 DSC_0783

DSC_0798 DSC_0781

Now back to training for the half in less than 4 weeks!!! :)!

This was a huge race weekend, Who raced?

How did it go?

Would you rather do speed work or hills?


    • Jen says

      No problem! Thank you for getting out such an awesome message and being such a great mom! Congrats on your 5k PR too!!! My goal is to break 20 too!

  1. says

    That’s such a great outlook on hills – especially thinking ahead to the downhill view!
    Great job again on first place and a speedy time on that hilly course!
    How in the world were they off by 3/4 of a mile for the kids race?! Wow

    • Jen says

      Thanks!!!! I know! It was cute and all but really?! I was going to use it as part of my cool down, but when we circled a small loop and he said now run through the finish I was like are you kidding?! :)…that was only 1/4 mile!!! So the girls and I ran a little more so they could actually get a mile in for their kids marathon training :).

  2. says

    Oh I LOVE the message behind those shirts – so true. And congrats on your awesome 5k!! We moved to North NJ and have very hilly routes around us now too. I think I’m finally adapting but sometimes I just want a flat, easy run!

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