Do you foam roll correctly?

First things first this morning….a Walmart run to pick up “Frozen”!…which we will be watching momentarily!!!!!


On today’s run I did something that I have not in a VERY long time. I ran Garmin-less! It was actually not on purpose and I debated going back to get it! I have been driving to my runs…not far, just 5 minutes away, but it is a nice path not on a super busy main road. Well, as soon as I got there I went to clear my Garmin and realized I had left it plugged in at home! I thought about going back to get it, but I had an easy run planned today anyways and decided it would be better if I just went without it!…I must say, it felt weird! I actually checked it probably 3 times in my about 7 mile run :), I kept forgetting that I forgot it (oh boy…what is going to happen to me as I age)!

I also came across this article…which is making it a lot easier for me to give up Diet Coke, at least today (and yes…again!!!)…I am on day 3! I keep telling myself I can use the money we save to spend on races πŸ™‚


dc….yes, I am trying to give it up…but this is still cool!!!!!

I also LOVED this article from Christine : @Love,Life,Surf (and it made it onto Huff Post Healthy Living!!!!!)


I actually had no idea that there was a wrong way to foam roll….and I love my foam roller. The only one that I am guilty of is #1. If I have a sore area I usually roll it a bit…not too much, but I do roll it! My absolute favorite foam roller is the Grid!


Who else ran out and bought “Frozen” today?

Do you ever go Garmin-less?

Are you a Diet Coke drinker? If not do you drink soda?

Do you foam roll, how often?



  1. Brynne says

    Very good article about foam rolling. I think I made some of those mistakes so it’s good to keep them in mind.

  2. says

    I have been foam rolling nightly lately because I have been trying to work out some kinks. My fiance is addicted to Pepsi Max (zero calorie but high caffeine) , I used to drink some of it a few times a week but since I cut caffeine back in beginning of Feb I have been doing caffeine free diet. I need the carbonation a few times a week.

  3. says

    I used to be a Diet Coke A holic! No joke, a 12 pack a DAY!!!! I never ever EVER thought I’d be able to quit it… & I heard all the bad things about it, but I watched a documentary about what food (forget which one it was) & it talked about how it kills brain cells… something in me just clicked from there… I never took another drink! I switched to Sparkling water for the bubbles, but I don’t even WANT a Diet Coke – or any other soft drink now.
    I don’t have a good body – my brain is the only thing I’ve got πŸ™‚ haha

    • Jen says

      Wow! A 12 pack a day! That is awesome that you quit cold turkey!!! Day 4 so far for me and going strong :)…I would say I was having about 3 a day…but it adds up….just throwing money out the window I feel like :). Then I am drinking that and not water, and I know with my running especially, my body needs the water…not the chemicals!

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