Big News Day!!!!

Today was such an exciting day, in my world at least :).

1. 1st day of Spring, Hallelujah! Although I realize that does not mean forever warm, it is a step in the right direction!!!! Today was GREAT! 52 degrees for my run..I’ll take it!!!


9 wonderful miles at what (amazingly) felt like an easy pace of 7:45.

2. MARCH MADNESS!!! Need I say more….. Although it would have helped my bracket if Aaron Craft and Ohio could have pulled out a win!

3. My absolute favorite athlete, Kara Goucher, signed with Oiselle!!!!!!!

kara4She wrote a GREAT blog post about it here:

Why Oiselle?

I love how honest she is in this post!

“I belong with Oiselle. My heart knew it all along and I am so glad that it was speaking loud enough to finally reach my head. With Oiselle I can’t wait to improve the sport, reach my own performance goals, and help women around the world take flight. I have found my home.”

I have loved following her journey as a runner and now as a running mom. I love seeing how supportive her and Adam are of each other! I also love seeing that it is not always about the money. You hear it all the time, “money can’t buy happiness”. It really is true! There are so many very wealthy people who are very unhappy.


I am just going to say it…not to offend anyone…but just to say it, too much value is placed on money and things. Just think about it… what does a woman to do if she has a bad day…shop. If you don’t have the money….just charge it. It doesn’t matter if you are happy at your job…it is all about how much money you bring home. I am not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t treat yourself every once in awhile….what I saying is that you should and can be happy living within your means….and “within your means” is different for everyone. Not that we need to give up everything and live like paupers, but there are a lot of things that most people consider “needs”, that are really just wants.

All that just to say that I am super excited for Kara and her new sponsor!



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    Totally second your thoughts on Spring! This has been the longest winter ever!!
    Also yay Kara! I found out minutes before reading this post and am so thrilled for her. She couldn’t sound happier about joining Oiselle and I can’t wait to see what they do together.

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