What if “Be your most beautiful” had nothing to do with looking your most beautiful!

You have seen it, I have seen, and I wasn’t going to do a post about it…but then I changed my mind!


In case you didn’t see it Self magazine did a BIG Ooops! Self Magazine Shames Cancer Survivor For Running Marathon In A ‘Lame’ Tutu

They reached out to a business that sells running tutus, GLAM RUNNER,  to raise money for a charitable organization… so they could make fun of women running in tutus.
They made it sound like it was an exciting opportunity to be featured in a popular women’s magazine!  But when they ran the image of Monika Allen running her first marathon after being diagnosed with brain cancer, running as Wonder Woman while undergoing chemotherapy (yes…she trained for it while undergoing chemo!!!) , they categorized it as “lame”! Wow! Not cool!


Of course, this gotten a huge response from runners and non runners! Fast and slow, young and old, tutu wearers and non tutu wearers!!! In response Self issued an apology…”I had no idea that Monika had been through cancer. It was an error. It was a stupid mistake. We shouldn’t have run the item.” So was it an error because she has cancer? Would it have been ok to run that if she didn’t have cancer? Is this even really an apology?


I do not even read Self magazine, in fact I am not a big magazine reader for a number of reasons…

The first and biggest reason….SO unrealistic!!!! You will not lose x amount of pounds in x amount of days with only 20 min a day, you will not get rock hard abs or get rid of all your cellulite in a week, you will not organize your life in a day, and you can not solve your marriage problems by reading a magazine article. I also have no interest in what some famous person is doing this week or who is divorcing who. My basic reason is it is a waste of time….if you choose to spend your time that way it is not my business :).

The magazines, Self being one of them, are FILLED with articles on how to be more beautiful, how to dress more beautiful …..you have to ask yourself, what is beautiful to you?  Beautiful to me is showing God’s love to others, putting them before yourself. Beautiful is being someone who encourages others to be better, who listens and cares. What if beauty is best seen with your eyes closed! I found this and I just loved it!


Instead of publicly putting someone down for wearing something you wouldn’t wear….how about we build them up! How about we support the fact that they are out there running at all. Not only are they running but they also raising money for a good cause. We should be supportive of each other and respectful of that fact that people run for SO many different reasons.  That to me is beautiful!



I am going to choose to focus on the good in this! The good being that I am pretty sure that Glam Runner and her tutu’s have gotten way more publicity (and all positive) from this than they would have otherwise!!!


Think of someone you can encourage…and go do it! 🙂



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